Fly High Yoga with Pritha


Experience the world upside down with the aid of gravity and the FlyHighYoga at Samadi Bali.

FlyHighYoga is a form of aerial yoga where practitioners experience yoga postures in a completely new and deeper level. Suspended by the world’s smallest hammock, practitioners perform yoga poses with the aid of gravity for a dynamic and therapeutic practice.


Benefits of Fly High Yoga

FlyHighYoga classes focus on improving one’s posture, helping you find more length in your spine and increasing your strength and flexibility. For individuals with back and neck pain, many yoga poses and inversions, like headstand or downward dog are not an option. But when you are suspended in the air with the hanging belt, performing these poses doesn’t put any pressure on your spine or neck. The practice of inversion also helps to increase activity in the brain and generates benefits in almost every aspect, especially in the nervous and cardiovascular system.

This type of yoga is an excellent complementary discipline to any sport, especially sports where compression occurs in the spinal column such as running, surfing or mountain biking. The practice of FlyHighYoga is extremely therapeutic and is an excellent alternative for improving conditions in the spine. However, it is always advisable to consult a medical specialist before practice, especially if you have a recent injury. Also because of the time that is dedicated to inverted poses, it is not advisable to develop this practice during pregnancy.

Fly High Yoga is much more…

You can’t help but laugh and have fun when you are hanging upside down, swinging on the belt and interacting with other FlyHighYoga practitioners.

Along with having lots of fun in class, students are encouraged to help and support one another so that every person in class can achieve their highest potential.

However, having fun and sharing experiences must be balanced with mindfulness. This is a yoga practice which requires strong awareness of one’s body while focusing in the breathing. Practising FlyHighYoga is all about being here and now. In order to fly higher you need to drop the burden of your conditioned mind. When you are hanging upside down there is a feeling of freedom from your monkey mind and you become more aware of your conscious experience. As your practice grows, so does your personal development in the spiritual level

Starting from February 2017, Samadi Bali will have two FlyHighYoga classes on their schedule. Come and experience FlyHighYoga at Samadi Bali with Pritha every Tuesday at 3.45pm and Friday 4pm. The space is limited so you have to come earlier to grab your spot.