Hindu Gods



The Hindi Gods are aspects of life and of ourselves. There are three main Gods, in Hinduism,

Brahma represents creation, creation of new things, new moments, next step.

Vishnu represents preservation, maintaining what we have in life and holding on to it, such as the present moment.

Shiva is the destruction, getting rid of what we do not want in life, destroying evil, in order to start up something new. It can be getting rid of the ego, the old habits, an illness, anything we hold on to but is not necessary for us.



All three of them married,

Brahma married Saraswatti, she represents the knowledge, wisdom, which is needed to create something new which is the aspect of her husband. So the two, compensate each other to develop new creations with wisdom from the past, tools to make the choices in life to lay a new path.

Vishnu’s wife was Lakshmi, who is the Goddess of wealth, Vishnu and her are all about preserving what we have in life to maintain and to bring wealth in life in order to remain rich in all what we have.

Shiva other half Pavaratti, represents strength, power, to overcome the fears and conquer the evil, letting go in order to be able to create the new paths in life. As to when we are facing new steps in life we might hold certain self doubts and uncertainty, which complemented with her man Shiva, helps us to overcome.

Then there are the descendants from them, which I so far only are familiar with Ganesh, the son of Shiva and Pavaratti, presented as an elephant with various myths behind to why he has the head of an elephant. Ganesh, is the God you pray for when starting something new, Ganesh will remove obstacles, to clear the path for what is to come.



Ganesh has become my favourite and the one I spend my morning prayers for, asking for guidance on my path ahead. Knowing every well that I need a change in my life. I need to do what my heart is calling me for. However with fears and uncertainty luring as the voice in the back of my head, I can feel unsure and confused to how I can go ahead with my new path without loosing security in life. It is not a matter of leaving it up to the Gods to sort me out, but to really reflect on which area I feel I need help with, which source of energy needs to be refilled to drive forward, where I put my focus. Which, aspect, represented by which God.

A certain path to what I feel I hold self doubt, and need strength to focus my energy on believing and knowing all will be good, I will get there!.

There has to be something behind the masses of people going to pay their Gods a visit, daily, the rituals, mantras, a whole society built around this. They must have a believe in something stronger, a reminder that perhaps we are not left to our own device, maybe we just need to tap into the source of power and find that help is out there. Connect to the source, source of love to find that all will be taken care of for you.

However have no expectations, come with an open heart, know that there is no wrong in any occasion only an experience to learn from.



For there are three levels to reach.

First one is Dvaita, which is to process all of what comes our way, learn from the experiences, and approach life with the best to our knowledge.

Second is to have accepted your aspects (the three Gods, Vishnu, Brahma, and Shiva) as all being part of you, and learning to love yourself, knowing that the guidance is within you and not from the outside. Connect to your inner voice trust it and go with it. Learn to quite the little self destructive gremlin within you, wanting you to be challenged with the ego and the self image in order to constantly learn from the process, as to reach a closeness with yourself and the source you need to view your self, in context to the world, to see how you act out there, how it is all connected with each other, this is to be able to be connected with the inner self at all times.. this is called Advaita.

Naturally this state is very hard to reach, to have total peace and allowance to be who we are without criticising who we are. As to only at this stage in life can we understand to love everyone around us, as we understand that we are merely particles of the universe, functioning of energies, performed by negative and positive polarities, to generate a motion, as to keep the movement going and maintaining infinity.

The beginning to no ending.

As to when we understand that the particles are us, and we are all conciseness/energy. People landing on our path are attracted to it for reasons; they reflect our conciseness, where we are at. If and when crossing paths with someone who annoys us, is it then perhaps as they remind us of an aspect of ourselves that we do not appreciate, or a breach to one of our higher values that we hold.

Let us say someone in our close surrounding has a tendency to uproot certain emotions in us. is it them uprooting this emotions or is it us choosing to confront this and letting this emotions surface, then do we choose to deal with it as we can and will at that present moment?

Or can we take responsibility and see that it us, no one else, and we can choose to watch the emotion as it is and try to understand where it is coming from, or if not ready then not, and better to act on it to really feel it and experience it, as needed. Nor is right or wrong, just is what it is and needs to be.

During life, we are presented choices to make, how we carry our motions out, which direction do we go. Closer to the source, love or further away from it towards the darkness?

Do we make the best out of life, give it its full recognition as being a creation of God, and all as it should be, no better no worse? As to the more good you make in life the better your next life will be, and you can cash in on the Karmic points!! Could this be our only challenge on earth, what ever you do, do it with the best of intentions?

To then finally when enough points have been collected and a complete understanding of surrender ness has been reached, the battle is no more, but a total acceptance of God there is something larger then us, something un-comprehendible, and life is laid in the hands of faith, we then reach Enlightenment.

We can go striving to reach this state or we can strive to enjoy the journey, as travels are not about reaching final destination to say that we been there but to enjoy the experience right?

So for me its clear, I keep my mind focused to find my inner voice, give love, await no results but to see evidence of how love rewards me, and how this brings bliss to my life, and a security to know that with the love I can learn to trust, that I have nothing to fear.

Just to be what God has in plan for me?

Hmm all sounds so good and easy, now its just a matter of applying it to daily living.

I keep faith, hold my head up right, keeping straight course trying not to fall or doubt, and if I do that is okay to, as this how I collect knowledge and experience. Loving it all, good or bad!