You Can’t Split Yourself In Half

You Can’t Split Yourself In Half
– the paradox of definition

A little while back I was sitting with a friend, talking about housing and the idea of sharing one, the two of us. He said: it’s hard where we live because you want your house to make you feel at home which means you need to put in a bit of an effort. But we find it hard to commit to a year’s rent since that would keep us here, being blocked here.
Defining means limiting. If I define myself with words – and I have quite a few coming to mind – this becomes my reality. This is who I am. This is what I do. This is where I am.
If I refuse to define myself, then I won’t have to feel that I’m limiting myself to words describing me. However, I stand still. I float. I can’t progress – or even regress- because there is no starting point. When defining yourself, you take a stand, you actually take a risk. You can see where you are and name where you want to be. If I don’t define a home, I never really settle in. But that way, I don’t face what my desire would be. To settle and feel at home.
To live in a constant non definition is limiting oneself to be in between.

Written by:

Charlotte Yoga