moon days resting day


Why do Ashtanguis not practice on Moon days?

New Moon & Full Moon are resting days

The Human adult body consist of 60% of water, if you thikn of the effects water has on the ocean, you can only imagine how we can impossible not be effected by it.

We typically will experience an energetic difference on these days, before leading up to it and a day or two after the moon days.

During Full Moon we feel more energised, however overly so where it can be overly strong and almost aggressive sometimes. We notice this especially in the breath, it might become more shallow and harsh. Our body feals invigorated and the extra boosted energy can result in injuries, as there is an inclination to become over ambitious and push, results..ough..

For new moon it works in its opposite, the energy gets pulled downwards, dense and drained, a sense of exhaustion.

Hence on these days we respect the cycles of nature and take a day to rest and noursh the body.

Many women also find that their mentsrual cycles atune to the moons, and often falls either on the new moon or full moon, yet another reason to rest.