Ecstatic Dance at Samadi Bali

To dance ecstatically is to thrive. Most renown dances around the world are the produce of long-standing rituals. They are a manner of worship, of celebration, of storytelling and of myth-making. For the laymen, it surely means taking long and formal classes is needed before to flow gracefully into the lightness of dancing.

Yet ecstatic dance does not require such thing as a master or a formal class. This un-partnered freeform of self-expression is now recognized as a popular experience of freedom, serenity and joy. It is a form of communication, a coping strategy as much as a spiritual practice. Here’s how we see it at Samadi Bali!

Ecstatic dance is a judgment-free form of communication

Ecstatic dancers move freely their body without concern for the visual aspect of their dance. They don’t seek any structure or refinement.

Thanks to ecstatic dance practice, a form of trance journey is made accessible without prior esoteric knowledge. Ecstatic dance only requires that you accept to be inspired by uplifting music and start dancing.

You may start spinning yourself like a dervish, boogying all the while, you may foxtrot and gambol and jitterbug at the same time, the ultimate purpose is for you to naturally set free your energy, beyond any specific dance rule.

Ecstatic dance is a healing therapy

You slowly feel yourself propelled by some exterior force to release all the tensions and stress your body may have accumulated and stored in your cells. Ecstatic dance stems a constructive freeing of the traversing forces in your body. It acts as a bridge between the body, mind and spirit. Emotions discharge through creative and playful movements.

Ecstatic dance has been used to heal individuals suffering from physical and mental health issues. This restorative practice helps open the seven major chakras and the nine energetic functions. It improves balance, posture and body coordination and also increases lung capacity, flexibility and aerobic capacity. This is so much of a powerful tool to restore your physical, emotional and social well-being that it’s been used in psychoanalysis therapies by Carl Jung and his followers. Ecstatic dance has helped treat addiction, anxiety, depression eating disorders, multiple personality disorder, trauma such as abuse of domestic violence etc. Given its compelling results close to meditation, some consider it a valid alternative to conventional medicine for individuals who typically encounter physically, emotionally and cognitively stressful situations on a daily basis.

Ecstatic dance is a transformative spiritual journey

Freedom is to know how to dance with one’s chains said Nietzsche. By dropping out judging yourself and the others in an ecstatic dance practice, you unhinge from your ego. It allows you to switch off the thought process, be fully present and discover the meditative effects of ecstatic dance.

Spirit awakens beyond consciousness as you’re liberating limitations in your body and mind beyond rigidness and inhibitions.

Dance is the natural language of the body. The deep emotions it can express through ecstatic dance relate to hidden memories rising from the unconscious. This encounter with that other part of oneself can act as a catalyst to understand one’s one spirituality. Ecstatic dance enables a state of altered consciousness and high enthusiasm, which literally means putting the divine inside.

If such effortless gestures can take you a bit closer to the divine, why not plunge yourself and glide? We’ll be around to help you!

Come and practice Ecstatic Dance at Samadi Bali!