kukHeya! Who needs some coaching?!

The ins and outs of Samadi Bali on coaching and its real benefits

Coaching is increasingly popular since the 80s. From personal development to neuro-linguistic programming, from stress management to health and wealth increasing, coaching is a resource more and more sought by people who feel a need to receive guidance from an expert to help them to grow.

Who needs it?

In our modern busy lives, we all tend to spend a lot of time and energy trying ways to optimize our decision-making, be it in our professional endeavours, our relationships, our leisure, our travels, our wealth etc. While a lot of tips and insights are now available online for free, people express a need for a personalized support in order to achieve a specific goal.

Those who seek to address specific concerns in health, personal, professional, sport, social, family, political or spiritual dimensions of their lives will typically hire a coach for such matter.

Business leaders in particular rely upon coaching to improve their effectiveness. This specific type of coaching is called executive coaching or leadership coaching. It can address short-term career transition situations or long-term interpersonal and professional communication, conflict resolution, emotional intelligence or even performance management.

But even outside of stressful settings such as the intense corporate life, individuals that have a high sensitivity to other people’s emotions often feel a need to get support to better manage their gift. Highly sensitive people can get easily excited and emotional. They have a strong appreciation for details, nuances in meaning and are likely to be very creative and have a greater empathy. Due to these very characteristics which makes them naturally giving, generous and spiritually inclined people, and participates in their overall emotional intelligence, they tend to lose energy much faster while absorbing other people’s emotions, hence ending up feeling unhappy about it.

And we welcome all these people in our classes! Want to know why? Well it’s proven it’s helpful…

Why is it helpful?

Coaching initially meant for Oxford University instructors to take their students from one point to another desired point. Coaching nowadays still carries the professional expertise to it

It is neither therapy nor treatment per se, but coaching uses a wide range of communication techniques, such as targeted restatements, listening, questioning, clarifying etc. to support the coachees in their attempt to look within to find happiness and fulfilment.

Coaching is indeed a strong manner to raise inside-out self-awareness. Through the mirroring of the coach, the coachee gains access to his essence and core values. While taking the mind-body connection, coaching helps clarifying intentions and concentrating thoughts around them. Doing so, it helps develop compassion and most importantly self-compassion and diligence.

The results of coaching are usually incremental steps of improvements. Sometimes, however, coaching can result in major life shifts that are a manifestation of an inner change and self-revelation.

Coaching is not only helpful at an individual level but can also have tremendous repercussions at a larger scale. Given the interconnectivity of all beings, one individual choosing to live in balance and cultivating positive emotions to boost his inner strength, using coaching for such matter, is all the while harnessing his power to transform the world.

Coaching is good for whoever strongly feels a need of change. You’ve got to find the right coach for the right change!

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