Samadi April Happenings

Samadi April Happenings

Hi friends!
How about in April we all pay a little bit of extra attention to our habits related to plastic? As lovers of our Island we are sad to see too much non organic waste being consumed and left as waste thrown into nature.
This has now become a HUGE problem!!
As we know plastic and other non organic materials are not easy to recycle and sometimes not at all possible.We invite you to bring attention to the following.

  • The Use of Plastic bags – when shopping say NO to the plastic bag, ask if they have a carton box, paper bags, or even better always have a bag handy to put your shopping in.
  • Plastic Bottles – avoid buying plastic water bottles when and if possible. Try to fill your bottle up from a fill up station, we have one in Samadi, Bali Buddha offers them and many more. Bottles can be purchased in stainless steel glass be used over and over. We don’t recommend plastic bottles as well for the off shed of micro plastics.
  • Take away containers for food and coffee made out of styrofoam is one of the most problematic materials, as these are not at all recycled. Maybe bring your own container if you are taking take away from the restaurant, or even better tell the management that they should change to sustainable take away boxes. Yes they do exist, we use them inSamadi thanks to Avani Eco.
  • Say no to plastic straws. Do you really need to drink your drink from a straw? Solution: Buy a bamboo straw, glass straw, or stainless steel straw offered across the island (also in Samadi) and carry it with you if you prefer your drink from a straw.

Every problem has a solution!

April Yoga Class Schedule

New opening hours

We know you want more of Samadi so we have extended the opening hours of the shop and the restaurant. Now you can have your healthy veggie dinner after your yoga class and then pop in the shop before heading home. 🙂

Samadi Kitchen is open from 8.00 until 21.00 every day.
Samadi Shop / Reception is open from 7.00 until 21.00 every day.





Osteopathy is again available for a few days in April so now it’s your chance to get an appointment if you’ve been thinking about booking one.

Osteopathy is a natural and holistic therapy. Done manually and gently it aims at fixing the body’s motion problem caused by disturbance in the structure. Sprains may interfere in the joint system, muscles, ligaments which may cause serious problems overall health if it not given proper treatment.


Sessions available April 9th – 13th and May 7th – 11th and June 4th – 8th. Duration of the treatment is 45 minutes. Please book you appointment through the reception, email or call or send a message to +62 (0)812 3831 2505 (also WhatsApp)


Our first Instgram competition and Air Festival

If you happened to jam at the Air Festival this weekend you may have bumped into Samadi‘s booth. We were there collaborating with Air Festival and before the actual event hosted an Instagram competition and the lucky winners got themselves  a 3 nights stay in Samadi!

Keep an eye on our social media pages for future competitions!

If you missed shopping at the Air Festival worry not. All the goodies can be found in Samadi shop. Samadi Wear, Malas, Jewelry & Yoga bags are all made in Indonesia using fair trade ethics.

Wandered who were those two amazing yoga teachers having classes at the festival? You can find them also at Samadi. teaching regular classes 🙂

Thank you for everyone who participated in the competition, joined the classes and came to visit our booth.

New beautiful rooms

We are excited to announce that from April Samadi residency offers 6 new bedrooms, making it all together 10 beautiful rooms. Two rooms have king size beds and eight rooms have an option for either a king bed or two single beds. The rooms have either a view to the Pool, garden or to the rice field. All the rooms have air-conditioning, WIFI, private bathroom and include daily housekeeping. The surroundings are quiet, quaint and comfortable, designed for luxury living enclosed in a lush green environment. 

We also have individual retreat packages for 4 days and 8 days. If you feel you need to recharge your batteries, join us for peaceful yogic lifestyle with daily yoga classes, therapeutic treatments and pampering plus delicious organic vegetarian food.

For enquiries email or book through our website

Moringa, ‘super’ of all superfoods

Have you tried yet this really yummy, vibrant Super Moringa Bowl? Moringa is a nutrient-packed, helps fight free radicals and inflammation, reduces diabetes symptoms & protects the cardiovascular system & liver, all whilst supporting brain function & health! Moringa grows in Indonesia so it’s a great local superfood choice.Here we blend both fresh moringa leaves & dried moringa with kale, spinach, banana, avocado, lime & coconut water. Topped off with natural almonds, coconut flakes goji berries, fresh papaya & bee pollen. This fresh treat is also gluten free and dairy free so everyone can enjoy this nutrient-packed bowl.

Loving moringa but you prefer something savory? We got you covered. Try our Moringa soup instead, prepared in traditional Balinese way.

Namaste / Samadi Team