Green Living

Green Living 

We believe in Sustainable Living, do you?

Here are some ideas on how you can contribute to a much larger picture, as every little bit counts!!

Turn off the a/c and fans when you leave your room

We love the sound of water but maybe turn the water tap off while brusing your teeth & while soaping yourself in the shower (water is a HUGE shortage in Bali), and your signing can be heard properly.

Placing your towel in the laundry basket means you want a new one, if not the old one stays.

Let the staff know if you want to change your bed linnen (if not they will do it ones a week.)

Unplug electrical chargers etc not in use (they still consume electricity when plugged in, and electrical plants are not breeding fresh air…)

Only let your personal waste down the toilet, avoid paper or any other items to be flushed down.

Please use our eco bins in the garden for disposal of plastic and organic waste

( the room bin best used for paper only)

Use a refillable water bottle to avoid wasting plastic bottles, its fashionable.

Carry a bag with you for shopping etc and say no to plastic bags, we have some fantastic Samadi bags on offer.

Yes we can make a difference! It all starts with the small steps.