Why Retreat?

Why are retreats so important for our health?

There are so many reasons to take a retreat, and here are just a few…

INSPIRE yourself
Create TIME and SPACE in your life
WITHDRAW from daily life
PAUSE and truly LISTEN
CONFRONT your fears, and OVERCOME them
Make HEALTHY choices
Get in touch with WHO you truly are
CONNECT with like-minded people

Reconnect with NATURE


HELP others to make a positive CHANGE
CREATE memories of a lifetime

 A retreat is like a strategic withdrawal from your regular life to focus on something that inspires you. The word retreat actually stems from the Latin verb retraho, which means to withdraw or pull back. Remembering that we are all human is an important part of allowing yourself to let go and create a whole new perspective on life, re-energize and motivate yourself into action. Your retreat environment should be harmonious with surroundings intent on diving in to connect and support physical, mental and spiritual growth. Most importantly, your retreat should foster an atmosphere of silence for listening where you can find peace and simplicity, encouraging mental integration.

Too often in day-to-day life, we’re overwhelmed with sensory distractions and can’t hear our own voice. Retreats are a time away from our ordinary doings to spend time exploring realism for self-improvement. It’s a powerful step towards creating personal conversation.

Retreats can include anything that involves experts who allow you to see your limitations to help you improve your overall wellbeing. One major spin off of a retreat is that everything is prepared and managed for you. This means that you don’t have to worry about reservations, finding activities, scheduling, transportation or anything that you may have to deal with in your daily life to truly offer you a stress free time off.  With guidance, all the information and techniques that you’ve learned will be able to support you in your path even after you leave the retreat.

Having the space to spend time in silent reflection to contemplate on what moves the soul are the true foundations of a retreat.  For true and ongoing spiritual growth, it’s important to make a few lasting resolutions to improve your daily life at home.  Be sure to write those down to remind yourself if you make a wrong turn.  Most importantly, shake it off and begin again.  Action with integrity will move you in the right direction.  Every once in a while turn off your cell phone and unplug yourself from all technology. No one needs your attention more than yourself, everyone else can wait.

Written by Quinn Taplin