Yoga for Kids



28 January 2018 by Quinn Taplin


You may not even know it, but your kids are caught up in your busy world as a parent.  Typically, this kind of thing doesn’t really enter our mind but all the pressures of daily life, school, sports, homework and responsibilities that fall on a child all add up, especially as they grow into their years. All this hustling and bustling around leaves big imprints on a child’s social, physical and mental wellbeing. Kids Yoga is a great way to give your little one intimate play and joy to look past all those outside pressures. 


When kids are taught to navigate through pressures at an early age, life will simply become more joyous for them. Their want to learn and the ability to focus on their role as a child falls into a natural way. Yoga at an early age encourages self-awareness and high self-esteem with an activity that is completely noncompetitive. Lessons of playfulness, compassion, mindfulness and exploring one’s own body is maybe the best gift a child can receive. On the physical side of Yoga, children develop better coordination and a healthy body. In addition, their sense of inner self emerges allowing them to develop a strong relationship with themselves and others around them.


“Since children are closer to the source of life, they haven’t forgotten their natural connection to it.  When communicating with children, the subtle message –the vibration – is what they respond to even more than words”        

– Radiant Children


When children are introduced to Yoga as a game, like imitating a tree or a turtle combined with movements and sounds that are connected to nature, a child has the chance to imagine and tap into their creative intuition. When they pretend to be like that of an eagle (garudasana), they experience the power and shape of an eagle, giving them a sense of inner dialogue and outward expression. When Yoga is taught to children in a loving and compassionate manner, yoga’s divine meaning of union takes place without them ever being conscious of it.


Yoga for kids lays a solid foundation for a lifelong deeper practice. Although it is taught much differently than how a normal yoga class would work for adults, it is still a very effective way of teaching discipline within their learning. Yoga for kids emphasizes on linguistics, naturalism, singing, music, sharing, interpersonal skills and community. A consistent practice practice in a child’s life gives them the opportunity to grow into each of these allowing for an early development of values. The purpose is to engage the kids as a whole where learning life lessons are fun and exciting. 


In Kids Yoga, they are given the venture of discovering themselves and the environment at their own pace. Children begin to understand that we are all made up of the same particles that make up everything in this world. The benefits and values that yoga can bring to children is an opportunity for the family at whole to grow together.