Samadi February Happenings

Samadi February Happenings

Hi friends!

It’s the season of love and opening with Valentine’s Day right around the corner.
Yoga teaches us that opening your heart to love is of the highest forms of inner intelligence and unity. We don’t have to look so far to know that our daily yoga practices ground and bring us closer to the silent center where our true teacher lives. This season reminds us of life’s truest values further broadening loving kindness, compassion, joy, play and companionship. Take just a few moments to pause and you will realize how much love is actually around you! As you dive deep into relationships this year, remember those who have brought you joy and unconditional love. Let your Yoga practice guide you to experience the presence of this gratitude in your life. Stepping into a practice where we are all walking together and in the same vibration, we simply need nothing in return!

This February we have something for everyone. Free movie nights, educational workshops, women circles and Kids Yoga happening very soon! When kids are taught to navigate through pressures at an early age, life will simply become more joyous for them. Their want to learn and the ability to focus on their role as a child falls into a natural way. If you are interested in having your child participate in classes at Samadi, but don’t know how it will look like.

February Yoga Class Schedule

December Samadi Events

The 7th Series

As Ashtanga demands so much energy, time and dedication… waking up in the early mornings and giving yourself all what you have to your students every day, there is often little time and energy spent to be able to do anything else.

Samadi teacher and mother, Melissa is a wonder woman and a does it all. She is a devoted mother of her beautiful baby girl Sade and a dedicated Ashtanga practicioner practicing the 3rd third series all while bursting with energy and love. She is such a good example for us all at Samadi and such a beautiful soul!

This is what we Ashtangi’s like to call the 7th series – The family life.

Check out her full video filmed at the Samadi Sawah Shala

Women’s Circle

Self Healing is Self Love!

A self healing and self loving place for women to come together with Yoga, Breathwork, Yoni Love, Dance and much more to explore the body, mind and energy system. This is a place of play and sensuality as well as being a sacred vessel for healing and transformation.

Within each of us is the innate and natural ability to heal ourselves. As we access and surrender to our own inner power we learn to understand how energy moves in the body and how we can use it to unlock stored trauma and release what no longer serves us. In this space low vibrational energy can be transformed into a higher frequency where we experience pleasure, bliss and ecstasy.

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FREE Movie Night

Featuring The Breath of The Gods

Happening Wednesdays every two weeks in the Matahari Shala starting at 19:30!

In a quest to illuminate yoga’s origin, this in depth documentary examines the life of Tirumalai Krishnamacharya, founder of the first yoga school. Featuring interviews and live teachings with Shri K Pattabhi Jois, BKS Iyengar, and the children of Tirumalai Khrisnamacharya.

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Aroma Alchemy

Free Intro Class!

Essential oil foundations, how to safely and effectively use. them in your home, on your body, for emotional health and so much more!

If you love your essential oils, and want to learn more about how to implement them into your daily life for health and overall well-being, then come join us for this special class! We will be going over essential oil foundations, how to safely and effectively use them in your home, on your body, for emotional health- and so much more!

Essential oils are holistic in nature, and can be used to encourage your holistic lifestyle. We will explore different ways to incorporate essential oils into your life to enhance your personal wellness. We will be going over key essential oil information, as well as experiencing first-hand how to relax, revive, and recenter with the use of certain essential oils. Ending with a guided meditation, this class will leave you feeling grounded, balanced within, and not to mention more knowledgeable on interesting and exciting ways to use essential oils!

Joy is a conscious conduit for love and the divine, specializing in working with the fascia, trauma-release with highly conscious touch, as well as utilizing TCM methods of cupping to facilitate the movement of chi and blockage. Using essential oils as medicine in all areas of her work and life. An impeccable level of multi-faceted training, deep passion for her work and for activating transformation in each client.

She has been traveling and working in remote areas of the world bringing her healing modalities. She has been practicing the gifts of yoga for 10 years and now has been teaching for many years. Reclaiming the gifts of emotional well-being and integration through this ancient practice of somatic yoga.

Her motto is:
”To find peace, one must find JOY”

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Osteopathy is a natural and holistic therapy which is performed manually and gently to fix a body’s motion problem caused by disturbance. The target of osteopathy is to improve the harmony of the human body as a global mechanism that covers anatomy, physiology and human biomechanics. The osteopath helps with acute or chronic pain, back pain, postural disorders, intestinal disorders, tendinopathy, post-surgery treatment, migraine and vertigo.

Our Osteopath, Budi uses a handful of different techniques as structural manipulations (by massaging, stretching, adjusting joints, etc.), visceral manipulations, connective tissues and cranio-sacral work. Budi also prescribes exercises to improve mobility and strength to support injuries, nutrition and provides holistic advice to the patients.

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