Samadi April Happenings

Samadi April Happenings

Hi friends!

As a place in the Bali community that strives to hold a healthy place for self-healing and empowerment, we are driven to make sure that we have covered every area of your needs. As students, we go through our own journey and processes of life to help you on your personal journey to be in this together, walking as one. 

At Samadi, we cherish our community, Bali, and the world, and we want to support all with the highest integrity, love and care. We have chosen this path and are here to give you the skills, capability and knowledge to fill your bag with tools for a beautiful and conscious life journey. We work tirelessly from the bottom of our hearts to ensure you are all taken care of and so one area where we believe it all starts to fuel your life are healthy food creations! The key is not just to live longer, but to stay healthy longer.

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Meet Will, our Chef at Samadi

“The stamina of a camel, the strength of an elephant, and the beauty of a horse, are all sustained on a vegetarian diet”

Willy has been a Chef for the past 15 years. He started out his career in Singapore 2004 working in small restaurants and cafes starting right from the bottom. He went to culinary school and worked through various well known fine diner restaurants. In 2013, he moved back to his home city Medan, Indonesia and started his own catering business focusing in providing consumers with healthy food and a balanced diet. After four years and wanting to explore and start a new adventure in his life, he moved to Bali in 2017 and fell in love with the tropical island immediately. Will joined Samadi Bali in late 2018 and focuses his mind in health food research and vegetarian food.

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Ecstatic Dance

Awaken your life force

We have a time change for Ecstatic Dance now from 5:30 – 7:30pm.

What is Ecstatic Dance? It’s an area of freedom of expression that cultivates a mindful community to enrich our experiences of independence, harmony, ecstasy and unanimity! This unique class is nonverbal, barefoot and substance-free. We invite all experience levels, abilities, and ages to be moved by inspirational themes and multiple styles and genres of music from our world-class Ecstatic DJ Dancing Songbird!

This is truly an experience for everyone and you are all invited! All dances are held in the sacred Matahari Shala at Samadi.

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Women’s Circle

Self Healing is Self Love!

This class has been extended to two hours by request! A self healing and self loving place for women to come together with Yoga, Breathwork, Yoni Love, Dance and much more to explore the body, mind and energy system. This is a place of play and sensuality as well as being a sacred vessel for healing and transformation.

Within each of us is the innate and natural ability to heal ourselves. As we access and surrender to our own inner power we learn to understand how energy moves in the body and how we can use it to unlock stored trauma and release what no longer serves us. In this space low vibrational energy can be transformed into a higher frequency where we experience pleasure, bliss and ecstasy.

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Beginning this month on the 8th of April; Osteopathy is a natural and holistic therapy which is performed manually and gently to fix a body’s motion problem caused by disturbance. The target of osteopathy is to improve the harmony of the human body as a global mechanism that covers anatomy, physiology and human biomechanics. The osteopath helps with acute or chronic pain, back pain, postural disorders, intestinal disorders, tendinopathy, post-surgery treatment, migraine and vertigo.

Our Osteopath, Budi uses a handful of different techniques as structural manipulations (by massaging, stretching, adjusting joints, etc.), visceral manipulations, connective tissues and cranio-sacral work. Budi also prescribes exercises to improve mobility and strength to support injuries, nutrition and provides holistic advice to the patients.

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Yoni Egg & Dance Playshop

Awaken your Shakti!

Learn the ancient healing art of the Yoni Egg practice and sensual Yoni Dance.

Yoni Egg practice is an ancient Daoist practice to strengthen and tone the vaginal muscles. The benefits of this practice are increased sexual energy, more powerful orgasms, ability to isolate muscles inside the vagina, stronger pelvic floor muscles, healthy reproductive organs, increased lubrication, esp beneficial for menopausal women.

Yoni Dance is done with the Yoni Egg inside. It has two parts. The first is a practice of belly dance, for example isolations; while maintaining connection with the vaginal muscles and cervix. The movements come from the muscles of the Yoni and guide the body in the dance. The second part is a freestyle dance meditation focused on Yoni connection.

This is amazing for further strengthening and toning the vaginal muscles and pelvic floor, increased sensual, sexual energy and feminine power and confidence.

Through the dance and meditation we will move and breathe sexual energy through the whole body for ultimate health and well being.

Yoni eggs will be available for sale on the day of the workshop. Please connect with Jacqueline if you would like
to buy one before then.

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The Breathwork Journey
Conscious Connected Breathing Technique

Breath is the most powerful tool yet the most simple. By using conscious, connected breathing technique, it can help release physical tensions in your body and clear your mind of negative thoughts and past experience. Many people that have practiced breathwork have called it the most
powerful experience of their lives.

You are invited to journey using the power of your own breath at The Breathwork Journey. A practice of breath awareness is necessary to change our bodies and our planet.
Set your intention, and breathe!

Eat a light meal beforehand. Beginners are welcome to join!

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FREE Movie Night

Showing The Shift

Happening Wednesdays every two weeks in the Matahari Shala starting at 7:15pm!

In this compelling film, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer explores the spiritual journey from ambition to meaning. The powerful shift from the ego constructs we are taught early in life by parents and society – which promote an emphasis on achievement and accumulation – are shown in contrast to a life of meaning, focused on serving and giving back. Through the intertwined stories of an overachieving businessman, a mother of two seeking her own expression in the world, and a director trying to make a name for himself, this entertaining film not only inspires, but also teaches us how to create a life of meaning and purpose.

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FREE Movie Night

Showing The Sacred Science

Diabetes. Prostate cancer. Alcoholism. Parkinson’s diseases. Just a handful of many common illnesses that Western medicine has been inadequate in curing or treating. Witness the story of eight brave souls as they leave the developed world behind in search of deeper answers. Living in seclusion for one month in the heart of the Amazon jungle, these men and women take part in the powerful healing practices of Peru’s indigenous medicine men, working with centuries-old plant remedies and spiritual disciplines. In their most desperate hour, these patients are forced to confront not only their physical ailments, but their own spiritual and psychological barriers in the process. Five will return with real results, two will return disappointed, and one won’t come back at all.
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Hahha Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training with Zuna Yoga
June 8 – 29, 2019

Share an unforgettable, fun-filled journey through the rich landscape of yoga. In this 21 day intensive yoga teacher training, you will build a solid foundation in tradition and learn techniques to competently teach Yoga at a 200 RYT certification level. This professional, comprehensive course is an in-depth study of

  • Asana – from a physical and energetic perspective
  • Safe & effective sequencing
  • Hands-on adjustments
  • Anatomy & functional movement
  • Pranayama
  • Meditation & Mantra
  • Philosophy
  • History of Yoga
  • Chakras and the Energetic Body
  • Ayurveda
  • Practice teaching including verbal & manual cues and much more

You’ll be learning from instructors with decades of experience in yoga practice and instruction.

Whether you’re a passionate yogi seeking to deepen your practice or an aspiring teacher, our 200 hour yoga teacher training program will take both your personal development and skills as a facilitator to new heights.

Tuition only from $2950; all inclusive packages from $4150 USD with vegetarian meals, accommodation, airport transfer, tuition, manual and certificate.

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