Samadi March Happenings


Samadi March Happenings

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Rainy season is coming to an end in Bali and the spring equinox begins March 19th! This represents the rebirth of all life on earth as if nature was asleep and our surroundings have given birth to an overabundance of existence! During this time it’s important to keep your immune system in good health as you may be more compromised to nature blossoming’s. There are many things you can do to maintain your health as the season changes and we have many exciting new happenings at Samadi to help support you in your growth.

Breathing is the first thing we do when we are born and the last thing we do before we die, but how much importance do we give to breathing? We can stay alive for long periods without eating, drinking or sleeping, but if we cannot breathe, we die
within a matter of minutes.

Unfortunately, for most of us, we don’t think twice about our pattern of breathing because it’s unconscious. We breath on average 20,000 times a day and half a billion breathes in an average life time, but why is breathing
consciously so important?

Click here to read more about Breathing Consciously, and why it matters!

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Samadi Wear | Behind the Scenes


Meet Dani the Tailor of Samad Wear.  Dani has been the number one tailor for SamadiWear right from the beginning.  He was born and raised in Java and has been working as a Tailor for 16 years. He was first taught how to stitch in his village by his uncle and after having studied for four months in an official tailor school.  Soon after he found a job that required him to stitch t-shirts.  Samadi has been using Dani now for the last five years and we are his number one client.  Dani is married and has a two year old daughter.  His wife is also helping him in the production and keeping Dani happy and healthy. His dream of the future is to one day have his own successful clothing line to expand his creativity skills as a tailor.

What is Samadi Wear?

Samadi Wear is a consciously-produced, creatively-driven yoga wear brand that unites style with sustainability. Born from the desire to create beautiful clothing that is hand made and ethically produced. Founded by seasoned yogi and world-traveller, Andrea Drottholm. Having studied fashion in her native Sweden, Andrea spent years traversing the globe, before settling in Bali and co-founding yoga and wellness center, Samadi.

An extension of Andrea’s passion for contributing to the health and wellness of people and the environment, Samadi Wear is consciously created with
heart and soul.

Beautiful and durable by design, each Samadi Wear piece is handcrafted from natural fabrics such as cotton, bamboo or tenzel. Featuring earthy muted tones and gorgeous patterns. Additionally our Organic Collection are created using pure vegetable dye, and 100% organic fabrics, each piece is wonderfully unique from the next.

For more information about Samadi Wear Click Here!

Or watch behind the scenes with Dani the Tailor.

Hari Raya Nyepi 2019!


Nyepi, Bali’s New Year, a day of silence and self-reflection. Nyepi begins on Thursday, March 7th at 6am and ends Friday March 8th at 6am.

Recognized as a very special day for the Balinese, it is a time for silence, self reflection, fasting and going deep inside oneself to reflect on the past year. All Balinese and foreigners will not be able to leave their home to allow quietness with their loved ones and family members. All shops, ATM’s, stores, beaches and streets are closed and electricity should be used minimally. During these hours no one should leave their home. There should be no work, traffic or pleasure and the community security will be on patrol to ensure everyone is in compliance and not outside on the streets.

Silent Day follows to chase away malevolent forces as the surrounding villages craft huge mache statues, with massive eyes and sharp teeth representing evil spirits. Each village works on their own creation which are paraded through the streets, accompanied by traditional live music symbolizing the burning of your own inner demons as well chasing bad spirits away.

If you’re traveling in Bali during Nyepi you won’t be able to leave your place of stay and you’ll be expected to keep the noise down and lights off, even if you choose not to participate total silence. Let’s enjoy this special day and take sometime to be with our friends, family, loved ones and more importantly, yourself.

Samadi Hours: 
March 7 – Closed All Day
March 8 – All Samadi classes and events open again although there
is no Ashtanga Mysore class.

Women’s Circle

Self Healing is Self Love!

This class has been extended to two hours by request! A self healing and self loving place for women to come together with Yoga, Breathwork, Yoni Love, Dance and much more to explore the body, mind and energy system. This is a place of play and sensuality as well as being a sacred vessel for healing and transformation.

Within each of us is the innate and natural ability to heal ourselves. As we access and surrender to our own inner power we learn to understand how energy moves in the body and how we can use it to unlock stored trauma and release what no longer serves us. In this space low vibrational energy can be transformed into a higher frequency where we experience pleasure, bliss and ecstasy.


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The Breathwork Journey
Conscious Connected Breathing Technique

Breath is the most powerful tool yet the most simple. By using conscious, connected breathing technique, it can help release physical tensions in your body and clear your mind of negative thoughts and past experience. Many people that have practiced breathwork have called it the most powerful experience of their lives.

You are invited to journey using the power of your own breath at The Breathwork Journey. A practice of breath awareness is necessary to change our bodies and our planet. Set your intention, and breathe!

Eat a light meal beforehand. Beginners are welcome to join!


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Kids Who Can

Kids Yoga!
Kids Who Can is a curriculum based workshop by Calm Classrooms and  aims to provide children with a safe, fun space to learn about themselves, what they like, dislike, how they feel about things, and to learn to manage what life throws at them in a healthy effective way.  
You can expect your kids to learn:
  • Tools to help reduce stress and anxiety 
  • How to deal with bullying 
  • Self-Calming techniques 
  • Tools to cope with uncomfortable feelings
  • Self Esteem and confidence 

Jeannie Welsh an Educational Therapist, Children’s yoga teach and Workshop Facilitator specializing in special needs and trauma. She is also the creator of Calm Classrooms.
In 2013, she opened her doors for working with children on a therapeutic level as an Educational Therapist. She began Calm Classrooms in Cape Town, by 2014, her practice included children with special needs: Asperger’s, ADHD, dyslexia, dysgraphia, OCD, and sensory disorders. Disconcerted by the vast number of children with multiple dysfunctions, Jeannie started searching for answers. She discovered when that combining Kids Yoga and Mindfulness, remarkable changes occurred.
Today she combines all my knowledge and love for children together with Kids Who Can by Calm Classrooms, to give children a chance to become inspired. To give children a sense of empowerment and for them to grow and learn from the inside out. 

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The Art of Self-Love

Love and Celebrate Yourself Unconditionally

Allow yourself to feel home in a safety of your own embrace. Let go of your habitual self-judgment, sense of lack, resentment, and embarrassment. Explore your inner and outer space. Open yourself to the experience of moving with pleasure, breathing with joy, being vulnerable and simultaneously invincible. Play, experiment, and nourish your body and heart with mysterious tenderness of a touch of a stranger. 
In this experiential workshop, you will dive into the exploration of what self-love means to you. You will be introduced to ancient and contemporary techniques that emphasize healing and cathartic potential of movement, touch, and play— African Healing Dance, somatic awareness exercises, bodypercussion, Touch Therapy, etc. 
Through intuitive movementand breaththat feel good, soothing touch that heals the wounds of the heart, and joyful play that liberates the spirit, we create safe conditions for a deep emotional “cleansing”, and release psychosomatic tension in a gentle, fluid and non-aggressive manner. We awaken what is neglected and atrophied, love and nurture ourselves and feel happy.


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Osteopathy is a natural and holistic therapy which is performed manually and gently to fix a body’s motion problem caused by disturbance. The target of osteopathy is to improve the harmony of the human body as a global mechanism that covers anatomy, physiology and human biomechanics. The osteopath helps with acute or chronic pain, back pain, postural disorders, intestinal disorders, tendinopathy, post-surgery treatment, migraine and vertigo.

Our Osteopath, Budi uses a handful of different techniques as structural manipulations (by massaging, stretching, adjusting joints, etc.), visceral manipulations, connective tissues and cranio-sacral work. Budi also prescribes exercises to improve mobility and strength to support injuries, nutrition and provides holistic advice to the patients.

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FREE Movie Night

Showing Kanyini

Happening Wednesdays every two weeks in the Matahari Shala starting at 19:30!

This documentary is based on the remarkable life and philosophy of Bob Randall, an elder of the Yankunytjatjara people of Uluru in Central Australia. The movie explores his idyllic early life, shattered when he is taken from his family as one of the ‘Stolen Generation’, and his journey since then. ‘Uncle Bob’ also explores the reasons for the tragic problems in many Australian Aboriginal communities today. While there is sadness and desperation, the film finishes with a sense of hope. Archival footage from the very early days of white contact with indigenous peoples is skilfully interwoven into the film.

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FREE Movie Night

Showing Himalaya

Happening Wednesdays every two weeks in the Matahari Shala starting at 19:30!

Following a grueling climb up Kanchenjunga, Hong-gil and Mu-taek become fast friends and partners in climb. The peak of their professional careers comes when they become the 14th team to scale the Himalayas. But the climb came at a price: both sustained injuries and Hong-gil was compelled to retire. Years later, Hong-gil is a renowned lecturer and Mu-taek takes up an assignment to go up Everest. When Hong-gil learns that Mu-taek has gone missing, he blames himself for encouraging the younger man’s plans. Looking at a photo of Mu-taek’s frozen corpse still trapped on the mountain, he decides to put together a rescue team to retrieve the body. Despite warnings, concerns over his injured leg and treacherous storms, Hong-gil leads the expedition. What movie would you like to see?

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