Samadi Bali August Happenings


Samadi August Happenings

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This first of August plants our feet right on the New Moon to end a 28 day cycle and begin another.  This month will meet you with an outburst of initiative and energy to give you a fresh start in a new venture.  This is also a time to question and challenge your old habits to make space to invent new growth which brings us to discuss the proper way of preparing yourself to get there. I like to term this art of transition as our ‘Vinyasa’. Vinyasa originated from the Sanskrit root nyasa, which means “to set or place,” and the prefix vi meaning  “in an appropriate way” as in the connecting of one specific asana to the next. It is an organized approach in a specific order to prepare us for whats to come. With lots happening this month we feel its important to find balance in finding your way from point A to point B, so we’ve put out an interesting article to help you achieve this in your yoga practice and in your daily life for greater self empowerment!  Click here to read on!

Move Like an Animal
The Art of Take Your Yoga Off the Mat
with Damien de Bastier

Practice as to create more freedom in your life, not just in your body. Improvise, stretch out of your comfort zone, feel and play so that one day you might be free from what others may think of you. Embrace your gifts, embrace your shadows. Yoga is about bending your mind and growing into your self.  Catch Damien de Bastier, co-owner of Samadi before he leaves on his Europe trip at the end of the month – teaching Ashtanga Yoga Mysore style Sunday through Monday from 7 – 9am.

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Move Like an Animal

Samadi Residency
Offering you 4 & 8 Day Personal Retreats

We have space that just opened up for any guests who would like to join our 4 or 8 day retreats for the whole month of September and December.  This is a rarity as we are normally booked so well in advance! Our retreats are individual and customized providing our guests with beautiful designer rooms with an artistic and creative feel.  We also offer you carefully chosen organic vegetarian and vegan food creations from our Samadi Kitchen and holistic wellness therapies and treatments we have found helpful on our path to help you grow. Have a look at our Samadi Residency and if this interests consider booking a customizable retreat with us!

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A Walk Through Samadi Bali

Upcoming Happenings for August!

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200 Hour Unified Teacher Training 
with Peak Beings

Join Peak Beings for 25 Days of flowing through your yoga practice and unifying all the layers of yourself.  Learn to teach a variety of styles of yoga all while diving into a variety of different aspects including anatomy, philosophy, meditation, self-awareness, and breathwork.  Gain confidence in your practice and yourself as you are safely guided through experiences that will unify all the layers of yourself.  Learn from a Director that has taught over 8,000 Hours of yoga and 25 Yoga Teacher Trainings to date.  This is primarily a Vinyasa Style training, but you will also explore a variety of other styles to make you a well-rounded teacher.

Two Trainings starting 
July 5 to 29, 2020 & September 6 to 30, 2020

$3,095 for Double Occupancy
$3,895 for Single Occupancy
$2,195 for Bali Resident

For bookings and more information please email

or visit

A Potato Head one-day music festival that celebrates Sun Down Circle 5th anniversary with a circular programme that goes from sunrise to sunset. 

Join us on the beach for a morning sound healing session, then a communal breakfast with Lawrence Blair. For kids, there will be a Cymatics workshop led by Green School and starting at Sunset the a celebration of both the music we love and the glorious point in the evening when the sun transforms into a neon ball which drops from the sky above to down below the horizon line across the Indian Ocean.



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