Experience Samadi Bali’s Eco Friendly Shopping Revolution!

An Ethical superstore providing fair trade, organic, local, fresh, vegetarian and eco-friendly products


3 October 2019 by Quinn Taplin


What’s our mission at our new Samadi Supermarket in Bali?


We are reducing waste to create a greener planet through our fully dedicated single us plastic and package free eco supermarket.


Our new market, set to be open in November will provide you with a one stop shop for fresh food from our island organic farmers, lifestyle goods, home décor items, freshly baked bread from our bakery and many more gems that help us live without single use plastics

An extension of our Sunday Farmers Market to make the market supplies available throughout the week and providing our local farmers the opportunity for better financial stability. 

An incentive for them and a win for those wanting fresh organic food!


One of our biggest aims is to support a conscious lifestyle for anyone who walks in our doors so nothing ends up in the trash! This is a big feat and in the midst of Bali’s current condition we are surely challenged! But, we are not alone. A big thanks to the help of many other organizations and conscious consumers in Bali, we feel this is very achievable and possible before it’s too late!


By purchasing from the Samadi Supermarket, you are helping us to continue our social mission in creating a #plasticfreebali and #zerofoodwaste.  We will be providing free education within the store to help you choose your products consciously and how you can reuse, reduce and recycle to help promote a more eco-conscious way of living while at the same time holding others to their accountability by spreading the message.  Together we are stronger and we can make a change by offering some simple options to consumers. 


BYOB, Bring your own container!

Visitors can bring their own containers to get a wide array of perishables such as fruits, grains, snacks and oil. Things like hand soap and laundry liquid can be refilled as well and each visitor will have an incentive for bringing back their REUSABLE PACKAGING.


By adopting a reusable buying habit and with the availability of making the right decisions we believe that this is the path fit for all consumers.  Although there are plastic-free options available in supermarkets such as Pepito and Fantasies for example, it’s easier to go plastic-free if you shop in local wet markets (fresh food markets). Just bring your own bags and containers, and say “tolong tidak plastik” –  No plastic please.


With all the supermarket options out there to choose from, how do you know Samadi Supermarket is the place to shop for you with all its good intentions? Let’s ask ourselves some questions; do you care about the environment that provides you with life? Are you concerned about global waste? Do you like cooking and eating healthy food? Do you take your time to go food shopping? Do you own a reusable bag or backpack, or a scooter that can fit glassware? If the answer to most of these questions is yes, you know where to go.


Even if you’re a totally newbie who can’t tell rice from nuts, Samadi’s supermarket is worth a visit. Every plastic wrapper not used is making a big difference.