At first we do yoga; We apply ourselves to do the best we can. Refining our form, checking our alignment, smoothing out our breathing. Using the subtle sensations of the breath we can check-in, fine-tune and refine even more, giving attention to the results of our actions and improving from there in a continuous feedback loop. How it feels; We use our breath awareness to cultivate our sensitivity; Honing our senses and our capacity to listen. Our attention shifts from doing yoga to feeling / listening to whatever arises in the moment. Doing less to feel more.. Eventually the listening gives way to a clear state of presence where we seek to interfere the least possible. We then cultivate a sense of witnessing, where we observe the movement unfolding. Allowing our actions to get lighter and lighter.. Stepping out of the way so that ‘being’ can grow; Evolving from human doings into human beings; Entering the field of less is more, the third level of practice is observing from a slightly detached perspective. Following really closely, being 100% present, but with a deep sense of peace, benevolence and kindness to it.. Like we are watching our lover, smitten and in awe by the beauty they emanate. That beauty is within you also. Find it..


Level 1 We DO yoga

Level 2 We FEEL yoga

Level 3 We SEE yoga

Level 4 We ARE yoga


Two Hands Together,

Damien de Bastier