On stillness

We are always moving. Our bodies move, our feelings change, our mind keeps racing. Even in the static postures of yoga the body-mind constantly shifts, adjusts, organizes. In yoga practice, we commit to stillness. In yoga, all our movements are movements toward stillness. Aiming at reducing the constant fluctuations of/in our system. Just like riding a bicycle, even when we stop pedaling, the momentum of the movement carries on a while longer before we arrive to stillness. So, in practice we gently aim to still the body. The breath and its ripples should be the only external movement we can feel. We connect with the unrest of the heart and softly invite it to relax in the quietness of the present moment. Remembering that, right now, in this exact moment, everything is OK. At least we gently withdraw our focus from the thought-cloud and focus instead on the landscape of sensations rising up with each asana, each movement, each breath.. Notice the emphasis is on “gently”; We give ourselves plenty of slack and time to rope in the cattle of our body, heart and mind in the coral of stillness.. In yoga, all movement is a movement towards stillness


Two Hands Together,

Damien de Bastier