Samadi December Happenings!

This is the time of year where we reflect on gratitude.  A time for spiritual harvest to feast and digest on the rich abundance we have in our hearts instead of wanting more.  In the state of gratitude we come to a peaceful place of sharing, caring for one another and nourishing ourselves.  Allow this coming holiday season to be the practice of nourishment we seek to desire that serves as an antidote to life’s buzzing activities. 

December invites us to share a space for self nourishment and we would be honored to have you with us during this  holiday season. Please visit our events for December workshops and happenings and don’t forget to check out our up and coming Yoga Immersions Courses beginning December 27th with Authorized Ashtanga Teacher and Co-Owner of Samadi, Damien de Bastier
Light & love,
The Samadi Team

Samadi Impact Night!

Movie Night – Wednesday, 4th December

Breath of God – The Origins of Modern Yoga 

This enlightening documentary explores the history of modern Yoga, from its origins thousands of years ago to its modern roots in the early 20th century. A creation of Indian savant T. Krishnamacharya (1888-1989), the film follows Krishnamacharya’s life and teachings through the memories of his students and relatives, incorporating rare historical footage and lavish reenactments to provide an illuminating look at the form practiced daily by tens of millions of people around the world.

Movie Night – Wednesday, 11th December

The Response: How Puerto Ricans Are Restoring Power to the People

In the wake of Hurricane Maria, a quiet revolution has been percolating on the island of Puerto Rico. What began as an impromptu community kitchen meant to help feed survivors in the town of Caguas quickly grew into an island-wide network of mutual aid centers (Centros de Apoyo Mutuo) with the ultimate goal to restore power — both electric and civic — to the people.


Community Talk – Wednesday, 18th December

With The Bali Street Mums Project (Ibu Ibu)

Bali Street Mums Project works with mothers and children who have been forced to beg, due to poverty, on the urban streets of Kuta and Denpasar.  The mother will usually hide, while their children are forced to run up to cars stopped at the traffic lights, to beg for money. They also work with Mothers who live at the rubbish dump in Denpasar and pick through the rubbish piles looking for recyclables to sell.

For more information on our Community Talks and Movie Nights please click HERE.

Vinyasa Yoga

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Are you looking for a style of yoga to improve your body posture, breath control and reduce stress? Vinyasa yoga focuses on linking one’s breath with a specific movement while transitioning between each pose resulting in an unbroken state of mental focus and calm.  It is essentially a moving meditation bringing about a new state of awareness that is taught to be carried with you throughout your day.  Although it is a popular style of yoga these days, our teachers have trained extensively within the roots of the Ashtanga Vinyasa system to give you a deep and complete practice.

For more info on our classes, check out our yoga styles!

December 7th marks Saraswati, a celebration dedicated to Goddess Saraswati to commemorate the descent of knowledge. Celebration of Saraswati is set forth on palm leaves; a guideline for the order of ceremonies in Bali based on the lunar system. This is part of a cycle in the Javanese and Balinese calendar lasting for one week out of the 210 day calendar. A tribute of gratitude for her who has graced Bali with her knowledge.

Yoga Immersion
with Damien de Bastier
Module 1: December 27- 31, 2019
Module 2: January 3- 7, 2020


The Samadi Yoga Academy is the latest development at Samadi and will include a variety of stand-alone courses, a student training, a teacher training and a mentoring program for seasoned teachers. We have developed a curriculum of yogic studies designed to support you in deepening your understanding and practice of yoga providing a wholesome and comprehensive overview of what yoga has to offer exploring the anatomy of your mind and the philosophy of your body. 

These courses are organized around 6 modules of 50 hours each to be completed over 2-3 years. Each module can be taken separately as a stand-alone continuing education or as part of the student training program which is the main requisite for training as a teacher with Samadi.

Each module is 6 days long and comprises yoga practice, teachings in yoga philosophy and psychology, embodied anatomy and integrative explorations. 

Taking enrollments now for The Samadi Yoga Academy.  

For Questions or more information please contact

Click Here to VIEW Damien’s Introduction Video

Balinese Cultural Night!

Balinese gamelan is often heard in secular performances for entertainment and a central part of religious and spiritual life in Bali. A village temple celebration or individual life-cycle ritual would be literally incomplete without certain types of prescribed music and dance required to set the stage for otherworldly spirits to descend and provide a meditative atmosphere for prayer so that people are receptive to spiritual and religious thoughts and feelings.

Happening this
Sunday Dec 15!

Samadi Residency
Offering you 4 & 8 Day Personal Retreats

Taking Bookings for all of December & January!

We have space that just opened up for any guests who would like to join our 4 or 8 day retreats for the whole month of December and January!  Our retreats are individual and customized providing our guests with beautiful designer rooms.  We also offer you carefully chosen organic vegetarian and vegan food creations from our Samadi Kitchen and holistic wellness therapies and treatments we have found helpful on our path to help you grow. Have a look at our Samadi Residency and if this interests consider booking a customizable retreat with us!

For more information please email us at

Check out our walk through Samadi Residency! Full Video in the link below

The Samadi Residency

See our Guests Reviews on Samadi Retreats!
Samadi Bali is everything you can ask from a yoga retreat! Personable and helpful staff, extremely competent yoga instructors whose sessions are equally effective at unlocking your mental/psychological tensions and working up a sweat, great vegetarian food with awesome variety and taste and an amazing living environment that is cozy, tranquil and luxurious all at once. Especially like that they advocate sustainable living as well and generates very little waste. They also organise organic Sunday markets and other cultural and wellness-related events. Highly recommended and I would definitely come back again!


Xinyi Cheow, Google Reviews

Sound Healing

Sound Healing itself offers a new way to find your ‘inner-net’, an easy way to drop into meditation and ease flying thoughts. This type of modality actually creates frequencies to rewrite new brainwaves from your normal beta state (normal mind) to the theta state (relaxed conscious mind) and can even throw you into a deep hole of serious mediation called delta where the true healing occurs without you even knowing about it!

Here’s an interesting article with some scientific facts to blow your mind!

Samadi Flea Market!

Saturday the 14th of December we open doors for all of you wanting to do a spring clean of unwanted belongings, clothes, toys, books, machinery, kitchen tools, bicycles etc.

This Flea Market we will have Szilvia Galambos for Tarot Reading Session’s! These readings offer direct links to one’s essence that is pure and honest. This often make us feel all fired-up, more resourceful and excited about our choices while we gain more clarity and deeper understanding through the sessions. Anchoring this experience can assist us to become the source in our lives for everything we desire. For more info please visit HERE.

We also have a charity table open for everyone dropping their belongings and all the money will be donated to Ibu Ibu Bali Street Mums Project. Please drop by to speak with the Ibu Ibu staff and ask questions about their foundation and what you can do to contribute to their wellbeing.  

Samadi works so hard to help fund and support the Ibu Ibu @balistreetmums_project and Finally!.. After being forced to leave their last refuge, Ibu Ibu has found and secured the extra safe house needed to house at risk kids and mums! It will also be a place for the mums and kids to drop in and there is room to play in the garden. It needs fixing but the bones are there ! We are in desperate need of donations to pay for the repairs and furniture .

If you would like to donate you can throughout our paypal

Visit the Flea Market from 11am-5pm

Experience Samadi’s Eco Friendly Shopping Revolution!

Coming early next year 2020!
Samadi is opening an ethical superstore providing fair trade, organic, local, fresh, vegetarian and eco-friendly products.  Our Mission? We are reducing waste to create a greener planet through our fully dedicated single use plastic and package free eco supermarket.
Our new market for Smart Shopping will provide you with fresh food from our island organic farmers, lifestyle goods, home décor items, freshly baked bread from our bakery and many more gems that help us live without single use plastics.  An extension of our Sunday Farmers Market to make the market supplies available throughout the week and providing our local farmers the opportunity for better financial stability.  An incentive for them and a win for those wanting fresh organic food!  

With all the supermarket options out there to choose from, how do you know Samadi Supermarket is the place to shop for you with all its good intentions?

We’ll let you decide with this article we’ve written to show you the initiatives we are doing to make a difference.

Samadi Walks The Talk

Samadi Wear Sale!

Treat you or your friend to a unique gift this holiday season with Samadi Wear’s 20% off sale on selected items this month! Featuring handmade, sustainably produced, stylishly designed yoga wear made in Bali. Created by a seasoned yogi, Andrea Drottholm, Samadi Wear’s pieces are created to support and enhance your yoga practice boasting beautiful natural fabrics that are dyed with pure vegetable dye, 
Visit to have a look through her current collection.

November Events & Happenings!

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Samadi is all about community.
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