Samadi January Happenings!

As the current year passes and a new year approaches us, we acknowledge the ultimate gift given.  This gift is far from anything material or something that arrives on our doorstep.  This gift is passed on through kindness and generosity, a gift that does not bear the burden of lack or longing or shiny packages.

Unlike the material gift, the ultimate gift is something to cherish for ourselves and our loved ones.  It supports the inner being of our breath, heart rate, awareness and inner peace.  At this time of the year we hold with gratitude the ultimate gift that comes in each passing hour, day and moment – the yoking of our most present self.

It is to this unending ultimate gift that we bring together two hands and bow humbly to you. May each of us walk the long road of 2020 from beginning to end knowing that each and every step is essential.  Please enjoy reading: 
A Dream Came True, Andrea Drottholm’s Path in Co-Creating a Yoga School

January invites us to share a space for self nourishment and we would be honored to have you with us during this  holiday season. Please visit our events for January workshops and happenings and don’t forget to check out our up and coming Yoga Immersions Courses beginning January with Authorized Ashtanga Teacher and Co-Owner of Samadi, Damien de Bastier
Light & love,
The Samadi Team

Samadi Impact Night!

Movie Night – Wednesday, 8th January 

 “Is This Way to Heaven?” With Philip Gjedsted

A collection of short simple insights and interviews prove it’s the message no matter how “gonzo” the medium as some of the world’s leading masters give insight into the destination of their “paths”. Delicious for thoughts!

Philip Gjedsted worked his way up from the abattoirs to Creative Director in some of Australia’s leading Advertising agencies. Along the way he has had the honour and  rare privilege  of having close relationships with several authentic Masters in a quest to know, understand  and experience pure consciousness free of dogma and limiting beliefs to share with you.


Community Talk – Wednesday, 15th January

With Scott Bauer 

Meditation not Medication: 

Ashtanga yoga, pranayama, meditation & ayurveda for addiction.

This talk and interactive discussion will focus on using the tools of yoga philosophy, meditation and ayurveda for self-investigation. It is thru self-investigation that one begins the processes of selfcare.  In our modern society we have been conditioned to reach outside of ourselves to change or distract us from ourdis-ease, our discontent and to fill our needs.

For more information on our Community Talks and Movie Nights please visit us online!

Spa & Wellness
Check out more Samadi Videos on our YouTube Channel!
At Samadi we bring together therapies and treatments we found helpful on our path to support you in your radical well-being and self-empowerment. Our therapists are highly trained and experienced in their fields holding themselves to the highest standards of quality, ethics and care. We offer a broad variety of holistic wellness sessions, treatments and coaching ranging from Balinese massage, to Therapeutic Bodywork, Chakra Balancing, Cranial-Sacral Therapy, Trauma, Acupuncture, Nutritional Counseling, Stress Release, Life-Coaching and much more!
See all the different therapies and treatments we offer!

Shiva Ratri
January 23rd marks the night of Shiva, or Shiva Ratri.  Shiva is known as the destroyer and on this day, Shiva created world order to maintain peace on earth.  The Balinese people celebrate the forgiveness of sin in which you must be silent, meditate and abstain from sleep and food for 36 hours.  At the end of the 36 hours the purification rituals follow by a dip in the sea.  

An interesting celebration to observe!


Yoga Immersion
with Damien de Bastier
Module I: January 3- 7, 2020


In Module 1 we explore the foundations of physical yoga practices with an in-depth study of the classical text The Hatha Yoga Pradipika. We investigate the anatomy of the skeletal system focusing on palpation, body landmarks, biomechanics and joint physiology to establish a foundation for intelligent alignment in our asana practice.

Each module is a 50 hour stand-alone course, student training, and a mentoring program for seasoned practitioners and teachers. We have developed a curriculum of yogic studies designed to support you in deepening your understanding and practice of yoga providing a wholesome and comprehensive overview of what yoga has to offer.

Each module is 6 days long and comprises yoga practice, teachings in yoga philosophy and psychology, embodied anatomy and integrative explorations. 

We are currently taking enrollments for 2020 at The Samadi Yoga Academy.  

For Questions or more information please contact

Click Here to VIEW Damien’s Introduction Video
Weekly Gong Baths

Gong and Sound Healing is a method that can bring our mind into deep relaxation to ground, energize and harmonize your energy. Abdi who is known as Energy Healer in Bali will play the Gong, Pow Wow Drum, Semantic Drum, and Tibetan bowl to drive your brain wave into theta frequency to create balance in your chakra energy centers of the body.

During Gong and Sound Bath you will be invited to lie down on your Yoga mat, simply close your eyes and let the harmonious sound of various holy instruments vibrate and lead you in to an unforgettable sensation of deep relaxation.

For more information please visit our EVENTS page

Samadi Residency
Offering you 4 & 8 Day Personal Retreats

Taking Bookings for January!

We have space that just opened up for any guests who would like to join our 4 or 8 day retreats for the whole month of December and January!  Our retreats are individual and customized providing our guests with beautiful designer rooms.  We also offer you carefully chosen organic vegetarian and vegan food creations from our Samadi Kitchen and holistic wellness therapies and treatments we have found helpful on our path to help you grow. Have a look at our Samadi Residency and if this interests consider booking a customizable retreat with us!

For more information please email us at

Check out our walk through Samadi Residency! Full Video in the link below
The Samadi Residency
What is Osteopath?

The target of osteopathy is to improve the harmony of the human body as a global mechanism that covers anatomy, physiology and human biomechanics. Our Osteopath, Budi uses lots of different techniques such as structural manipulations (by massaging, stretching, adjusting joints, etc.), visceral manipulations, connective tissues and cranio-sacral. Osteopathy in one kind of natural and holistic therapy which is done manually and gently to fix body’s motion problem caused by disturbance in the structure of human body system. A small thing that we often under estimate like sprains may interfere with the joint system, muscles, ligaments which may cause serious problems in human health if it not given proper treatment.

Budi our Osteopath now offers treatments by appointment.  
For bookings please contact our reception ladies

Tumpek Uduh

Dedicated to Sanghyang Sangkara, the Bali God of Food.  January 25th is all about blessing the land and vegetation as a source of nourishment and balanced living for all beings around the world.  This day is a beautiful reminder of the passing on of traditions and the importance of nature conservation and preserving the environment for future generations.  The Balinese people ask Sanghyang Sangkara for guidance, harmonious harvests, and preservation of the natural land.  As a visitor expect to see the locals making offerings at the base of the trees and plants, a preparation for one of Bali’s most known celebrations, Galungan.

Here’s an interesting article on Trivia Hita Karana, The Balinese Philosophy of Life.  An indigenous wisdom to bring about harmonious relationships amongst humanity, god, and our surrounding environment.

Samadi Flea Market!

Saturday, January 11th  we open doors for all of you wanting to do a spring clean of unwanted belongings, clothes, toys, books, machinery, kitchen tools, bicycles etc.

This Flea Market we will have Szilvia Galambos for Tarot Reading Session’s! These readings offer direct links to one’s essence that is pure and honest. This often make us feel all fired-up, more resourceful and excited about our choices while we gain more clarity and deeper understanding through the sessions. Anchoring this experience can assist us to become the source in our lives for everything we desire. For more info please visit HERE.

We also have a charity table open for everyone dropping their belongings and all the money will be donated to Ibu Ibu Bali Street Mums Project. Please drop by to speak with the Ibu Ibu staff and ask questions about their foundation and what you can do to contribute to their wellbeing.  

Samadi works so hard to help fund and support the Ibu Ibu
@balistreetmums_project and Finally!.. After being forced to leave their last refuge, Ibu Ibu has found and secured the extra safe house needed to house at risk kids and mums! It will also be a place for the mums and kids to drop in and there is room to play in the garden. It needs fixing but the bones are there ! We are in desperate need of donations to pay for the repairs and furniture .

If you would like to donate you can throughout our paypal

Visit the Flea Market from 11am-5pm

Experience Samadi’s Eco Friendly Shopping Revolution!

Coming early 2020!
Samadi is opening an ethical superstore providing fair trade, organic, local, fresh, vegetarian and eco-friendly products.  Our Mission? We are reducing waste to create a greener planet through our fully dedicated single use plastic and package free eco supermarket.
Our new market for Smart Shopping will provide you with fresh food from our island organic farmers, lifestyle goods, home décor items, freshly baked bread from our bakery and many more gems that help us live without single use plastics.  An extension of our Sunday Farmers Market to make the market supplies available throughout the week and providing our local farmers the opportunity for better financial stability.  An incentive for them and a win for those wanting fresh organic food!  

With all the supermarket options out there to choose from, how do you know Samadi Supermarket is the place to shop for you with all its good intentions?

We’ll let you decide with this article we’ve written to show you the initiatives we are doing to make a difference.
Samadi Walks The Talk
100% Vegetarian Food

As children of the earth we believe in the power of natural food to heal your system and power your activities. We constantly experiment, evolve, and fuse sunny world-cuisine with ayurvedic gourmet, as well as raw, vegan dishes. We uses seasonal organic ingredients produced by local farmers and partners and  support fair-trade exchanges and practices. Certified by the Slow food movement, our kitchen lab alchemists, Komang and his helpers, artfully combine ingredients into ‘gourmetarian’ creations. We offer a selection of raw-based dishes as well as cooked foods and healthy juices.

We do our best to be 100% organic wherever possible.  Check out our FULL menu online!

November Events & Happenings!

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Samadi is all about community.
We bring people together who trust that we can all join hands and make a difference in this world, starting on working on ourselves followed by reaching out to those in need.
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