How do you feel after eating?


By: Andréa Drottholm

A few things can help boost not only the immune but also the inner happiness. We know eating healthy nutritious food, drinking juices and move our bodies is basic ABC. However lets not forget how important it is to connect with people we care for, lifts us up, recognises us for who we are and best of all love us for who we are.

So how is this connected. If  I eat food that makes me sleepy, sluggish and sense of heaviness  I might want to ask myself how it serves me, and as matter of fact others around me? Other then the feeling of filled up and not hungry. Food is not only about a belly not craving for food. Its meant to lift us up, nourish every cell of our body.

What would you rather be a sluggish low mood friend, or someone who radiates and attracts people around?

I would choose the latter.


“Food is thy medicine”, its preventing illnesses, its like giving myself the right fuel to run my engine.

Now if I eat poorly, my mood goes down, sugar might gives me a high but as quick as it went up, it goes down and in that down I don’t feel so great anymore.


Its like a drug, I crave it, want more of it, feel good for a short instance but the next days there is a dear price, to ouch. Was it worth it?

Ensuring an intake of natural sugars and not processed sugar like white refined sugar, these natural sugars are found in fruits for example but also in grains like rice, oat etc.

The more refined, the whiter the rice the higher the sugar content and the sugar goes too quickly into the blood and again the sugar high is there, with less processed more natural food, it takes longer to break down and the body does not get a shock from the sugar but can simulate it in a much slower natural pace. Mama Earth is clever like that, gives us what we need, but we somehow manipulate the food and think that is clever…hmmm….


When I fill myself with the precious gifts from mother earth, and eat chemical free, GMO free,  non manipulated food, I feel happy, and full of energy.

That spills out in my day, I feel I can get more things done, I am pumped  and best of all feel an inner happiness, which I believe spills over to my surroundings.

The importance to educate myself regarding food and mostly tune into how I feel after I have eaten it, is to me essential.

To me it makes sense to eat organic nutritious produce, not because I was told but I really notice the difference, and that is my parameter.

So much information is out there, articles, books, lectures etc etc. Many with a self interest to promote their businesses, driven by money.

We also see different food trends, which is all good, but at the end of the day each body is different, there is not one recipe to life that applies to all of us. I take responsibility to find out for myself what works best for me.

So to bring all this together friends, food, energy.

Some of the best meals I ever had was shared with loved ones, meals that was prepared with care and carefully selected ingredients.