Lockdown in the Himalayas, flights cancelled and plenty of Uncertainty.


Is that not every Yogis dream, to go an immerse oneself into the Himalayan mountain energy and spiritual power.

Is that not where a great number of Saddhus, Babas, Gurus got initiated?

Meditating in caves, swimming in Maa Ganga away from the world connecting with the higher self.

The Magic Himalayas

Veidic civilization, 5000 years old, also believes that Himalayas are the spiritual zone it is also because only sages and saints could sustain living with cold. The Himalayas are peaceful too. So for meditation, Himalayas used to be best place, at that time and still today. It is believed that the God and Godess, Shiva and Parwati lives in Kailash, Himalayas.

Some would say it is also spiritual because the Eastern people believes that, human evolved from Himalayas.

The River Ganges (also referred to as Ganga) is a symbol of faith, hope, culture and sanity, as well as a source of livelihood for millions since time immemorial. She is the center of social and religious tradition in the Indian sub-continent and particularly sacred in Hinduism.

My first dip in Ma Ganga (before the lockdown).

So I am getting the best of both here, as I sat overlooking the beautiful mountain range of the Himalayas and down below runs the beautiful blue green water of Ma Ganga.


I came here to take a one month yoga course, dedicate some time to deeper studies of yoga. Little did I know what was to come.

On week two of the course we get told that Sunday all day we have to stay in our hotel as there will be a national curfew.

No big deal, considering people across the globe are quarantined at home weeks on end.

Come Tuesday night another announcement is being made, India will go in complete lock down for 21 days.

Soon there after came the first email, my flight from Bangkok to Bali has been cancelled.

Ok I thought at least I can fly to Bangkok and then take another flight from there.


I choose to not panic and try figuring out how I can get home as soon as possible. Mind you that plan would have been complex anyway considering roads, and transport is closed down.

Though some European embassy’s have allocated buses to gather their people and take them to Delhi and put them on the next chartered flight to “somewhere” in Europe.

So then the next question come, who do I call the Indonesian embassy or the Swedish embassy? Where do I want to go? Home or to my parents?

The Indonesian embassy I cannot even reach, Swedish embassy I am not really looking to fly back to Sweden and then get stuck there for unsaid future.


I stay, I choose to stay. Why here? I am not sure; uncertainty is everywhere what will happen we do not know. Perhaps something inside of me tells me that this is the best place to be at this time.

The rational thinking is not really switched on, but the heart is.

So I sit here pondering on the worse case scenario, and what I came up with was not to head for a cave to meditate but I would go and volunteer somewhere. Make myself useful.

Maybe an orphanage as I truly do love those little human beings and knowing they have no parents make my heart go wide open, here I will shower you with love.

Or I can go and join a monastery, meditate, chant and do gardening, I think these world events really made learning Gardening to the top of my list of things I want to learn 2020,

how to drive an Enfield Motorcycle can wait… (and who knows maybe I can do both)?

I have dear dear friends in India, I do not doubt that they would welcome me in their homes, if it came to it.

So the thought of either makes me smile, I can do this, there are always alternatives.

Sure worse case scenario can be grimmer, more dark, more desperate, but I tend not to go down those rabbit holes that lead me nowhere but to despair.

Take each day as it comes, if I so have to bicycle home then so be it.

There is always a way.