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Interviewing Life Coach, Andréa Drottholm

What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching hold tools to gain clarity when we feel stuck. As the word proposes it can be anything related to life, career, health, relationships, our immediate environment, finances etc.

Its not therapy, the focus is not on the past but on the future, how to move forward with clear steps.

Who signs up for life coaching sessions?

The clients I get are people who feel stuck, they are at a cross road in their life where they feel confused about what to do next. It can be someone who wants to completely change their life, their profession, move to another country, leave their current relationship or start a new one.

I also work with people who are setting up their businesses, we work out steps on how to get it all going, business plan, etc.

How does it work?


First of all coaching is not about me telling people how to live their lives. Only the client knows that, I just facilitate a safe space, where I ask questions, to go deeper within to find answers.

Usually when we are stuck its because we have created obstacles for ourselves, which can be belief systems, values and self sabotage. More often then not its self doubt that speaks and undermine our capabilities.

We will look at what that voice in our head is saying and why, how its relevant to our current situation.

More often then not, its an old pattern and belief that plays out and does not serve us anymore.

We start a session by setting a goal to the session, we then look at what is happening and holding us back, to then how we can move forward.

Its amazing how we hold on to something that is stopping us, and how easy it can be to release it in order to gain confidence and bring us to where we want to be.

Do you have suggestions on what can be done in situations when we are stuck?

I truly believe core values are extremely important, to know what our values are and how they play out or do not play out in our lives. When we compromise our values we are usually off balance, away from what is our inner balance.

There are many online exercise to do in order to find out what our values are.

Ones you have determined this you can check if these values are active in your life, if some are not then you need to look at why that is? What is holding you back from living your life to its full potential?

It is such an important insight to have, to know and come back to revisit our list of values when we are off balance. Which one of my values is not present in my life right now, what do I need to do to bring it back?

What else is important to live a balance life?

Discipline, having a daily routine that involves nourishing our health, mind and spirit.

For me that would be my yoga, chanting meditation practice first thing in the morning.

This is for me an essential part of my day, to ground my energy and clear my head before I set out to do my “work”.


I say “work” as its really not work, I do what I love, I teach yoga, I create yoga clothes and jewellery, I manage Samadi Bali where I meet so many interesting people from all over the world. To be fulfilled with what we do we have to chose how we spend our days, what inspires us, follow that voice of the heart that guides us to the right places.

I eat healthy, as I am in tune with my body, I know what food works well for me and what does not, food is thy medicine. When we eat well, we feel good, light and energetic.

The environment we choose to be in, who we surround ourselves with, friends that bring us joy and inspiration, living in a place that offers what you need. I choose to live close to nature. I used to be a city girl, 11 years in Barcelona, it was fun and fulfilling at the time, now I need a green surrounding, fresh air, sounds of nature and peaceful living.

Recognising what and why we have aspects in our life that does not work for us, and how we have the power to change it.


How does one create a life of a dream? Or is it luck?


I get asked that question a lot. I am not sure it was luck, possibly some of it, or just being in the right place at the right moment. Though I feel its more to do with clarity.

Being very clear with what I wanted in my life, writing it down and visualising it.

For me the dreams have been realised, I would say almost all of them. The ones that were not realised, I now see why and for what reason.

Its important to have dreams, being realistic about them, write them down, to gain clarity of what we want and then create steps on how to make it happen.

This is how it always worked for me. I was not even conscious about it, it was just a dream in my head, being a Pisces, I am a natural dreamer, I love to write, so I would write my dreams down, then slowly work towards it, as for sure I did not win the lottery and and boom  I had it. But knowing what I wanted and moving towards my goal knowing why I was doing what I was doing is what brought me to realise my dreams, over and over again.


Dream, be clear, write it down, take action and trust the process!

AND if it does not happen, be open to what other opportunities are out there, do not cling on to it. As If it does not happen most likely somewhere within you were not ready, not sure if this is what you really want, or maybe Universe just have a better and bigger plan up its sleeve for you.

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