Inner Goddess

inner goddes

Written By: Lola Maleka

All women have a Goddess within.

Are you fully aware of that divine energy that resides within you? Do you sense that there is some sort of hidden power inside you that longs to be expressed and celebrated?

The Divine Feminine energy represents creation, transformation, healing, nurturing, love, forgiveness, compassion, intuition, wisdom, harmony, sensuality, play and connection. Being connected to this energy helps you to be healthy, happy and live your life purpose. If disconnected, you may often feel lost, confused, irritated, and deeply unsatisfied with yourself, your body and your life achievements.

Unfortunately, modern women play too many roles, which often leaves them overwhelmed and exhausted. They need to be as strong as men, sometimes even stronger. They constantly need to persuade themselves and others that  they deserve — they deserve acceptance, compliments, equal rights, equal salary, equal respect…Women feel they need to prove, to please, to serve and to be perfect, and they feel guilty when something goes wrong. They tend to forget what truly matters in life — they forget about their own happiness.


Awakening to your Divine Feminine is coming back home. It is reconnecting to your true essence. This healing and transformative process will help you to overcome the delusion of lack and unworthiness, and the need to prove and please. You will ground yourself in your deepest self-love, self-confidence, and inner joy. Once you connect to your Divine Self, you will find happiness that does not depend on other people, achievements or external world. This happiness is YOU.

Join our workshop to explore how Yoga asanas, movement, breathwork and sound healing meditation can help you awaken this divine power inside you. Learn to love & accept your body, nourish your heart, and liberate your spirit. Receive unparalleled support and inspiration from other women and leave feeling empowered, blissful & loved!