Mantra Yoga: The Art of Sacred Sounds

Chantingmantra Andéa Drottholm

Written by: Lola Maleka

Find Your True Authentic Voice with the Power of Mantra

From the very beginning of mankind, mantras, sacred chants, spells and prayers have been used all around the world for protection, healing, liberation, and reconnection to the Divine.

‘Mananat trayate iti mantrah’ is how the concept of mantra is often defined in Sanskrit. This basically means that mantra is “trayate” — liberation, protection, and transcendence of the mind.

Mantra Yoga teaches you how to fall in love with your personal vibration. It teaches you how to overcome fear and self-doubt and speak your truth. This unique workshop is an invitation to explore the sacred art of mantra chanting that will open your heart, liberate your spirit, and reconnect you to your true authentic voice/sound/vibration.

Example of a beautiful mantra from Taittiriya Upanishad:


Oṃ śaṃ no mitraḥ śaṃ varuṇaḥ |

śaṃ no bhavatvaryamā |

śaṃ na indro bṛhaspatiḥ |

śaṃ no viṣṇururukramaḥ |

namo brahmaṇe |

namaste vāyo |

tvameva pratyakṣaṃ bhrahmāsi |

tvāmeva pratyakṣam brahma vadiṣyāmi |

ṝtaṃ vadiṣyāmi |

satyaṃ vadiṣyāmi |

tanmāmavatu |

tadvaktāramavatu |

avatu mām |

avatu vaktāram |

Oṃ śāntiḥ śāntiḥ śāntiḥ ||


Om May Mitra be blissful to us.

May Varuna be blissful to us.

May Aryaman be blissful to us.

May Indra and Brihaspati be blissful to us.

May Vishnu, of long strides, be blissful to us.

Salutation to Brahman.

Salutation to you, O Vayu.

You, indeed, are the immediate Brahman.

You alone I shall call the direct Brahman.

I shall call you righteousness. I shall call you truth.

May He protect me.

May He protect the reciter*.

May He protect me.

May He protect the reciter.

Om, peace, peace, peace