The Moon’s Lesson

One of the greatest lessons a Yogi can learn is that everything experienced has an internal source of energy, as does the Sun and the Moon. Within our bodies, the Sun and Moon occupy opposite halves, the Moon presides over the left energy channel ( Ida nadi ) and the Sun presides over the right one ( pingala nadi ) . Ideally, we strive to seek a balance between both sources of light, basking the moon as much as the sun and learning both type of energy as we progress upon our path of enlightenment.

When we are steeped in only sunshine, all love is lost from the world. There is no softness, no shadow to define the landscape of our heart. Without a dawn or dusk there is no half way point in which to steal away during those wee hours of perfect balance between night and day. Within our Yoga practice, we learn the truth of that age old wisdom.

 “ As Above , so below , As without , so within “ as with the sun and the moon in the sky , so with those in our heart, and we seek to find as much joy in the shadow and lunar places of our existence as we do in the bright and solar places in our life .

Full Moon Mantra | “I release the need for those things in my life that are not serving my purpose or higher self. I am not afraid to let go. In their place, I receive love, joy and abundance.