Women Chanting Circle Ceremony

Cacao ceremonies are sacred rituals originated in the ancient Mesoamerican cultures. In these cultures, cacao plants have always been regarded as divine.

However, the use of cacao goes beyond rituals and religion. Cacao has various healing purposes and has been used as medicine for millennia. It is well known today that good quality cacao improves digestive functions, contains a variety of important nutrients and stimulates the nervous system by uplifting the mood and opening the heart.

Today Cacao Ceremonies can be found all over the world. The magic properties of cacao help to initiate the healing processes, especially in terms of emotional and spiritual healing. During such a ceremony, a specially made ceremonial cacao is served to the participants, who set an intention and bless the cacao. They consume the drink in a calm and meditative manner. Usually, the ceremony also contains guided meditation, sound healing, kirtan or sacred chanting, dancing, and sharing.

Even though it is done in a group, the ceremony is first of all an inner journey. As you become more quiet and mindful, you start listening to the voice of your heart and can finally find all the answers to your questions. Cacao helps you to trust your intuition — your inner tutor — trust yourself, and trust life. It connects you to your own magic and helps to see the magic around you.