Singing bowl as healing alternative tool

Sound is Vibration, Vibration is frequency.

The sound waves produce by singing bowls can be subdivided into three primary sounds.           A female character is an undulating vibration, Male character is short quick, staccato sound when male and female aspects are united the vibration continues for long time. Each singing bowl may produce different frequency depend on size and thickness.

Frequency between 13 and 30 Hertz known as Beta waves, these occur during normal daily consciousness with an emphasis on activity, intense attention, logical reasoning, and running in the rat race, in our modern society, most people produce these waves on daily basis, especially with the left half of the brain.


Frequency between 8 and 13 Hertz is Alpha waves. These occur during normal daily consciousness with the emphasis on concentration, being relaxed, calm, satisfied, creative, and loving. Alpha waves occur during periods of rest, relaxation, and meditation. A ratio of Alpha waves with about 10 – 30% beta waves is desirable for normal activity.


Frequency between 4 and 7 hertz is Theta waves. These occur during the state of somnolence, between waking and sleeping, and light sleep. These brain waves are produced with deep relaxation, day dreams, the imagination, visualization, staring, and average hypnotic, trance, and they are responsible for seeing inner, eidetic images, memory regression, and photographic memory.

Frequency less than 4 hertz named Delta waves.  These occur during dreamless sleep. These brain wave can helpful in recalling hypnotic regressions of the early years, a person’s own birth and the prenatal period. Delta waves produce a deep trance – like state and can enable a person’s self – healing process.

The healing and transforming forces of singing bowls and other exotics instruments such as tingshaws, gong, shamanic drum, bamboo rain stick being used more frequently in alternative health care.