The Sacred Cacao Journey

Lola Malaika

What happens at the Cacao Ceremony?

You get your cacao and you drink your cacao.

After that there may be some meditation, chanting, sound healing or sharing. But Cacao is an internal journey and what you experience on this journey is just between you and you. Cacao helps to open your heart to vulnerability, honesty and a deep sense of intimacy — with yourself, your dreams, your sacred desires, your aspirations, your relationships, and your life in general.

As you become more quiet and mindful, you start listening to the voice of your heart and can finally find answers to many of those questions that puzzle or even torture you. You get a sense of clarity. You get a feeling that you just KNOW. And sometimes you don’t know how you know it, or even what, but you just know.

You also start feeling the presence of the Divine much closer — you feel the Divine breath in every breath that you take in and out. You feel the Divine whispering something sweet into your ears. This experience gives you peace of mind and faith, and you don’t need to use your logical brain to explain that — you simply learn to trust your heart.

Cacao Journey is extremely beneficial when you feel lost in life, or maybe disconnected from yourself or the Divine guidance. It helps you to come back home — to your inner quiet place where you are always welcome and safe. In this place, you do not have to prove anything or please anybody. You can just be yourself — joyful, nourished, protected, and with your heart full of devotion and faith.