Yoga Psychology Talk


You are the sum of all your past experiences:

This adult body that you are carrying around and address with the simple letter “I”, is the same that you had when you were born. It changes through the years and it becomes the fortress that protects brain and heart, mind and spirit.

It becomes the armour, the astronaut suit, that we build from our very personal view of what we could call a “Subjective Separate Reality”. The reality we each live in.

As we are born, there really is not much of an armour. The body is pretty soft and comfortable. We bend easily our limbs and just enjoy most positions. Like an animal if you will. The experiences that come to us as we make our journey in life are interpreted from our sense organs, we are reading our environment.

In order to survive, we adapt ourselves according to the information we get through these organs. We create memory, both in the body, mind and heart. It will help us next time we come in to the same situation.

The further we move into the illusion of the separate self, the stronger the armour becomes. Everything around us is constantly confirming this separation so we do not question it. We take it as Truth.


Later in life, we find ourselves blocked due to this “truth” that is so deeply stored now that we are not even aware of it. It has fused with the sense of I, it is who we are. The perception through our filters of Beliefs keeps us in survival mode and therefore much more in the Thinking mind than in the Feeling heart.

Most of the issues when dealing with blockages around our perception of reality can be pin pointed on the nervous system.

Because this system runs our organisms.

The more we teach it to survive, the more it will be on survival mode. And the more work we have cut out for us when we start to break down the barriers to feel safe. Just as we are.

Join me for the Yoga Psychology talks where we approach our beliefs about ourselves and reality from a “west meets east” perspective. Through four talks, we shall address how THOUGHTS makes us react and how the yogic wisdom has created a model of Self Realisation back to being Whole.

Yoga Psy Talk 1 – Mulhadhara chakra: how obsessive thinking keeps us in the “worst case scenario” mode which usually takes us straight to what we least want.

Yoga Psy Talk 2 – Swadhistana chakra: how negative emotions becomes numbness in the body and later an incapacity to feel joy.

Yoga Psy Talk 3 – Manipura chakra: how negative beliefs teaches us to distrust and separate ourselves from others by comparison.

Yoga Psy Talk 4 – Anahata chakra: how all of the above are strategies to not feel pain and therefore never access the open state necessary to let love in.