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Samadi May Happening

    Samadi May Happenings Hi friends! Summer is around the corner, a calling to sprout new growth! This month we are focusing on internal expansion as we emerge from rest and begin the process of creating a nurturing space to step into. In practice, we recommend heart-opening postures and extended seated meditations to invite evolution and growth. As the season […]

Samadi November Happenings

Samadi November Happenings Hi friends! Too often in day-to-day life, we’re overwhelmed with sensory distractions and can’t hear our own inner voice. Have you ever pondered to take a break from all the business? To have time for yourself? Connect with other like-minded people with daily yoga and life coaching? Then a retreat could be the answer!  Let’s […]

Samadi October Happenings

Samadi October Happenings Beautiful Bali at Samadi Hi friends! 2018 is soon coming to an end we offer a unique opportunity to welcome 2019 on a positive note. New year is always a great timing to reflect on the finishing year and set goals for the new year. The first Ashtanga and Life Coaching retreat will happen over Christmas at Samadi Bali. […]

Samadi September Happenings

Samadi September Happenings A retreat is like a strategic withdrawal from your regular life to focus on something that inspires you Hi friends! Maybe you’ve pondered taking a break from your busy everyday life? To have time for yourself? Really connection with yourself? Retreat could be the answer! There are so many reasons to take […]