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Welcome to Samadi Newsletter. This Blog is about Samadi Happenings and thing we would like to share with our readers. Enjoy! Namaste

Samadi October Happenings

Samadi October Happenings Beautiful Bali at Samadi Hi friends! 2018 is soon coming to an end we offer a unique opportunity to welcome 2019 on a positive note. New year is always a great timing to reflect on the finishing year and set goals for the new year. The first Ashtanga and Life Coaching retreat will happen over Christmas at Samadi Bali. […]

Samadi September Happenings

Samadi September Happenings A retreat is like a strategic withdrawal from your regular life to focus on something that inspires you Hi friends! Maybe you’ve pondered taking a break from your busy everyday life? To have time for yourself? Really connection with yourself? Retreat could be the answer! There are so many reasons to take […]