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The Mind is a Wonderful Servant, But a Terrible Master     June 2019 by Agathe Fay Meditation is scientifically proven to reduce stress, control anxiety, promote mental health, prolong attention span, and much much more. Impressive data that we can all get behind, right? Right! But if you’re like me, personal accounts are much […]


Vairagya July 2019 by Agathe Fay                   Vairagya or non-attachment, you’ve likely heard the terms tossed around, but what does it mean? First let’s just be clear that it doesn’t mean complete renunciation of relationships or material possessions, and it certainly doesn’t mean indifference to the wide spectrum of situations and emotions that make up […]

Internal Growth and Self-Empowerment

27 April 2019 by Quinn Taplin The power of mindfulness is directly related to how we live our lives. As mindfulness develops, we discover that we expand our understanding when we expressively act or speak in truth. We come to understand how mindfulness can naturally increase as we avoid causing conflicts and it becomes […]

Breath Consciously, why it matters

Breath Consciously why it matters   Breathing is the first thing we do when we are born and the last thing we do before we die, but how much importance do we give to breathing? We can stay alive for long periods without eating, drinking or sleeping, but if we cannot breathe, we die within a matter of minutes. Unfortunately, for most […]