Ashtanga Yoga Apprenticeship

Yoga workshop ashtanga apprenticeship

A 4-year program to deepen your Ashtanga yoga practice and grow as a skilled yoga teacher under the supervision of Damien de Bastier, +/- 1000 hours.

Next round begins JUNE 1 2017.

This program is for you if you want to touch the depth of what yoga is and has to offer. If you looking to approach Ashtanga Yoga as a spiritual and transformational practice and want to find tools to support your life and grow to your full potential.

At Samadi we understand yoga to be a deep transformative process and like all process it takes a bit of time to work through the layers of resistance, master teaching tools and grow into awareness, so we organized our curriculum around 4 levels for you to take your yoga as far as you want. We feel yoga to be a ‘Wholistic’ process that addresses all layers of a person.

Each level goes deeper and builds upon the previous one along 2 main tracks:

A practice track and a teaching track. The practice track aims at deepening understanding, awareness and intelligence of the 3 centers of the body: moving center, feeling center and mind center.

The teaching track focuses on cultivating tools to become a competent yoga teacher and eventually mentor.

Although this training aims to unfold the deeper layers of yoga in general as Ashtanga teachers we recognize the main gifts of the traditional Ashtanga method in 2 ways:

The Mysore system in which the students are encouraged to take the process in their own hands and become their own teacher

The systematic sequencing of the Ashtanga Series in which the poses invites the student to work on their strengths as well as weaknesses.

About Damien 

Damien is one of the owners of Samadi Bali and has been studying yoga for 28 years. He draws from backgrounds of meditation, psychology, anatomy, bodywork, and movement to offer a holistic approach of yoga. Always looking for ways to apply in daily life he combines traditional yoga background with modern and unconventional perspectives.

Details 4 years program

3 months contact hours at Samadi from June 1st to August 31st every year

You can take one year at the time

Additional reading plus light homework for the rest of the year

3 months commitment each year to establish a real connection

Totals +/- 1000 hour of training ..

Practice = 5-6 times x 3 hours asana practice / week (depending on noondays)

Theory = yoga anatomy, yoga philosophy, practice method and teaching method

Level 1


Date: June 1- aug 31 2017 Price: $900

Establishing a steady self-practice and go deeper in the inner elements of the Ashtanga method (bandhas / breath / drishti ) as transformational process.

3 hours 5-6 days week practice (2 hours practice 5-6 times a week

Principles of alignment

4 hours / week theory class: anatomy / philosophy / practice methodology Yoga philosophy of Karma yoga

Level 2


Date: June 1- aug 31 2018 Price: $1200

Assist 2 times x week, 3 hour 5-6 / day week practice

Deeper in the process and learn how to extend the practice to daily life by assisting others (serving, alignment, adjustments)

Yoga philosophy of Bhakti yoga

Yoga anatomy skeleton & myofascia, Principles of adjustments

8 hours / week theory class: anatomy / philosophy / practice methodology / teaching methodology

Level 3


Date: June 1- aug 31 2019 Price: $1500

Teach 2 times x week3 hour 5-6 / day week practice

Going deeper and exploring the dynamics of teaching from pedagogical perspective (mechanics of learning, teaching methodology, ethics of teaching) and learn to become a qualified teacher

Assisting / teaching 2 times x per week, each tim 1.5 h.

Yoga philosophy of Jnana yoga, Yoga anatomy organs & deep fascia

Art of Vinyasa, Principles of teaching

8 hours / week theory class: anatomy / philosophy / practice methodology / teaching methodology

Level 4


Date: June 1- aug 31 2020 Price: $1800

Teach 2 times x week

3 hour 5-6 / day week practice

Assisting / teaching 2x per week Deeper still and learning tools to facilitate inner transformation (self-inquiry, awareness, mirroring)

Yoga philosophy of Tantra yoga

Yoga anatomy nervous system & energetics

Principles of mentoring

8 hours / week theory class: anatomy / philosophy / practice methodology / teaching methodology


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