Meditation on Energy Center

SATURDAY, November 4TH  13:30 – 16:00

PRICE  : 300.000 IDR .

WITH : Abdi

Our body is our energy, it is essential to keep the energy in balance all the time. There are seven major Energy Center called Chakra’s which affect our body mind and soul.

We will learn basic techniques on how to meditate on the various energy centers, as well as the mental concentration in practice, Bija mantras on each chakra to open blockage in our chakra.

By doing chakra meditation we maintain our energy flow fluently through all chakra which lead us in to harmony living mentally and physically.

Wear loose and comfortable clothing, try to not use any jewelry, sit in comfortable pose , relax and get ready to new a level of mediation technique .


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chakra Meditation at samadi bali


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