Date: Saturday, 28th March 2020

Location: Samadi Bali Canggu

Time: 12:.30 – 15:30

Price: 350K

With : Chris Walker

What is the “Real Yoga”? Is it Hatha? Is it Ashtanga? Is it vinyasa? ETC … Is it (just) the asanas? Is it (just) ancient philosophies? Is it (just) meditation? So many questions with a million times as many answers. All slightly different and right in their own respect. While yoga goes way beyond the physical practice, there are amazing lessons to be learned through the conscious movement, or stillness, of your practice.

Through this hybrid workshop/masterclass we will take a journey through the physical practices of Tantra Hatha, Ashtanga, Power, Soulful Vinyasa, Natural and Animal Locomotion Movement, (Optional Inversion Play), and Yin Yoga. In tandem with the physical practice, we will discuss the intentions of these different styles of yoga, and how even within just the physical practice we can take these lessons off the mat and translate them in to a deeper level of conscious living.

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