Ecstatic Dance SUNDAY

A Journey of the Spirit

Date: Every Sunday

Location: Samadi Bali Canggu

Time: 12: 00 – 13: 30

Price : 140 IDR (You can also use your Samadi Yoga Card) Kids under 13 FREE

with: Dancing Songbird

Sundays have never felt so good!

Join Dancing Songbird as she gently guides you through a healing journey of free-form barefoot dancing and unique soundscapes weaving old school and new school music inspired by artists from around the world. Allow your body to move with freedom and presence, an authentic moving meditation with no observers, judgements or worries to align yourself in correct posture. Awaken your true dancer within to release old patterns of emotions stuck in our bodies to experience union with the divine.

At Samadi our intention is to hold a sacred gathering together where spiritual practice and rituals are reinvented, spirits blossom, boundaries dissolve, and creativity transpires where harmony of world rhythms weaves us together as a more connected community and family.

Families, friends, brothers, sisters, cousins, adults and children are all welcome.

No previous experience of any kind is required!

For More Info : or Tel & WhatsApp +62 (0)812 3831 2505