Time: 18.00 – 19:45

Price: 140K IDR* | 110K IDR**

With : Fathan Todjon

** KTP Holder

They say dance like no one’s watching, I say dance like everybody is watching! To your ancestors and the spirits of the world. Dance for those who are hurting, those who can’t dance. For the seekers, the misfits, the rebels, the freaks, the runts, to anyone who’s lost and suffer injustices throughout the world! Let every step and movement you create be a prayer! Dance for the Creator of the universe, who breathed into your soul so you may celebrate this gift of life!

Ecstatic Dance is moving meditation that will allow you a gracious experience to meet yourself as you are. An open a space where you can see beyond who you think you are. It’s about you, freedom, joy and honesty.

For more info please reach out to us or Tel & WhatsApp +62 (0)812 3831 2505