Festival “Makar Sanskranti”

With : Guruji & Babaji

Date : Sunday 17 january

Time : 15:00 – 17:00

Location : Matahari Shala

Price : 100.000rph

Universal peace and prosperity Spiritual awakening Ceremony Mantra chanting , spiritual talks on enlightened masters, fire ceremony and sharing circle On this Powerful day according to vedic astrology and ancient texts, a special alignment occurs. Not only does the spiritual vibration shifts, also burning away all the shadows becomes suitable by connecting to energy of enlightened masters. This rare cosmological occurrence potentiates a great shift, impacting the former contours of our existence expanding our mind and vision towards a beneficial innovative, collaborative (Aquarius) horizon. The ceremony will have a) Special mantras to connect with higher source and consciousness.

b) Understanding ancient wisdom of enlightened masters like Buddha, Patanjali, Krishna, Mahavatar babaji

c) Sharing circle to co create and impact the collective unconscious d) Ceremony to honor the divine feminine through goddess like kali, Durga, laxmi .

e) Special Prasad prepared by Indian priests

f) Harmonize your energy field through activating the healing vibrations in your voice

About the team: The ceremony will be facilitated by team of Indian yogis, priests and musicians who believe in oneness and selfless service.

contact@samadibali.com or Tel & WhatsApp +62 (0)812 3831 2505