Date: Sunday, 28th March 2020

Location: Samadi Bali Canggu

Time: 15.00 – 17:00

Price:  200K

With : MOANA

It is essential to never let your tissues dehydrate because this causes constrictions in the fascia. In this workshop, we combine different expressions of Yin: Breathwork, gentle pulsations on the floor with the classic longer Yin Yoga holds to pump, squeeze, filter and drain the internal fluids through our tissues in order to create health and vibrancy within.”
During this workshop you will have time to deepen your experience, learn tools to develop ease of movement and balancing.  Students will also learn about the chemestry of their brain and nervous system..
:pray:🏽Sat 28 March 
14:30 – 16:30pm 
Investment IDR 200 K
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+62 (0)812 3831 2505
Not one to be missed! See you on the mat! 

Fluidity &flow