From Scared To Sacred

Releasing Fear – Creating Magic

Saturday, November 17th, 2018  12:30 – 14:30

PRICE  : 350.000 IDR .

With : Ezriyah Ben Ernst

This immersive journey is designed for you to transmute your fears and increase your capacity to give and receive LOVE. Through healing practices, meditations, sound journey, creative expression, partner work and sharing circle we will guide you in restoring the energy of love, bringing more flow, clarity and pleasure in your life.

In this 2-hour immersion, Ezriyah will guide through a transformational journey… from fear to clarity, from Scared to Sacred… You will be supported in identifying, expressing, transmuting and moving through the fears that have hindered your progression. You will leave with having experienced and incorporated powerful modalities to enable you to be more fully the love that you are by the increasing of your courage capacity.

*Fear Release Ceremony: identifying, transmuting, and releasing of past hurts and limiting beliefs embedded in your mind, body and spirit.

* Silent/Moving meditation to integrate the Ceremony and open up your body to higher vibration of love.

*Alchemical Poetic immersion: an experience created for you to activate and embody your creative genius while immersing in vibration of love and harmony.


Ezriyah Ben Ernst is a Visionary, Intuitive Paradigm Shifter, Alchemical Poet, and Fear Release Therapy practitioner via the modalities of his signature brand of life coaching called Epic Life Advocacy. Based between the Hawaiian Islands and Bali, Indonesia, he is intent on bringing more awareness to the holistic and integrative ways of fostering a deeper connection between our inner and outer environments through a variety of holistic health practices.

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