Human Design

Soul alignment through

DATE  29th & 30th September 2021

TIME : 19:00 – 21:30

PRICE  : 1.000.000 IDR  (PART I AND PART II)


We all have a Map to navigate Life without resistances. We were imprinted with it the moment we were born but we never got to know about it. We can follow our Inner Guidance to be our True Self.

Human Design is like a Soul Map that serves you as a guide to embody your unique and True Energy. It depends on the universal time you were born and where the planets and the Sun were on the moment you were born. Human Design is a Science of Being Present because it brings awareness moment by moment into your life in order to make decisions and to honor your real essence. You were imprinted with a specific Purpose in life and a unique way to operate and drive your own vehicle.

Think about all those times you were put in a box and were conditioned to be someone you are not. We all have such different and unique “way to operate” and Human Design shows you How to Embody life decisions apologetically. The tools to know how to follow your unique energy are in your body and in your energy centers. During this workshop you will learn how to find your strengths and natural gifts and work on your potential vulnerabilities and become aware of any external conditioning.

You will learn

How to read any human design chart
How to start navigating your True Self honoring your unique energy and map
Your strengths and natural gifts and work on your potential vulnerabilities and become aware of any external conditioning.
Your inherent guidance inside and outside your body
Tools to live your authentic self away from conditioning

Ready to take the next step to understand how your unique energy works in its highest potential?

This is for you if
You feel “stuck” in life and disconnected with your life purpose
You constant feel drained and unable to “keep others people’s rhythm”
you feel the call to receive uplifting tools to achieve your highest potential
You want to understand your type of energy,
You want to know more about your gifts and potential weaknesses, listen to your own inner guidance and honor your uniqueness

What is happening during this Journey?

We will be diving into the Foundation of how to read a human design chart and learning techniques to stop living from the Mind, to release Conditioning and re-connect with the Inner Authority inside our Body.

Day 1: (2 hs)
The Five Energy types: Generators, Manifesting generators, Projectors, Manifestors and Reflectors. And how we all work together
The Five Strategies: this is where your journey of manifestation begins
The Four Auras: Open, Focused, Protected, Sampling
The inner authorities: Your decision making tool

Day 2: (2hs)
The Nine Energy Centers and what does it mean to have them Defined or Undefined
The 12 Profiles: your personality

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Human Design