KIRTAN workshop

Mantras & Chanting & Music playing


Location: Samadi Bali Canggu

Time: 19:0-20:30

Price: IDR 150K 

Are you interested in singing mantras and sharing the heart centred practice of Kirtan & Bhajans with your students and friends?

Explore the practice of Kirtan; learn how to chant, play the mantras with a harmonium, guitar or any other instruments. 

During this workshop we will explore:

Mantras and their meaning

How to lead chanting

How to play the mantras with a

harmonium/guitar/or any other instruments of your choice

Philosophy and cosmology of the deities/aspects of the self we invoke through chanting

What devotion means in our own lives

Expression through sound and voice

English translations of Sanskrit chants

Intention and sound

Note: There is no need to play harmonium nor guitar, however, some ideal musical background and understanding is highly recommended. You can also learn to chant and play along with shakers, kartals or any other small instruments. Small instruments will be provided. If you have a harmonium or a guitar, please bring it with you.