Kiss by the Moon Sacred Sound Bath

Relaxation, Calming, Energies

Monday, August 3rd, 2020

TIME:   17.30 – 19.00  

PRICE:  IDR 275.000

With : ABDI @thebalinesehealer

Let the Energy of the moon kiss your body while sounds of sacred instruments bring your mind and spirit into deep relaxation

Sound healing has been proofed as one of the methods that can bring our mind into deep relaxation, grounding and harmonising the energies in our body, mind and spirit .                                            

Kiss by the Full Moon Sacred Sound Bath: opening the session by chanting holy mantras to start the journey inwards.  You will then be invited to lay down on the Yoga mat with eyes closed, letting the harmony of the sound of the various sacred instruments penetrate into the energy body and lead you in to an unforgettable sensation of deep relaxation.

Sacred Sound Bath fall on Full Moon where you will experience powerful energy from the moon to release and recharge your body mind and spirit.

Abdi –  @thebalinesehealer who is known as an Energy Healer in Bali, is inviting you to chant holy mantras together before you enter in to a Sound Bath session. Abdi will use his sacred instruments like the Gong, Pow wow drum, Tibetan bowls and Chimes, under the full moon by the pool in the serenity of the Samadi grounds. The Tibetan bowls will guide your brain wave in to theta frequency, which brings your mind in to deep relaxation creating balance in your chakras, the energy center in the body. As an Energy healer he will reconnect you to pure Energy of Universe to clear, ground, energise, harmonise, to create a state of peace and bliss within the subtle energy of the body.

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before to register at least 15 minutes before start time, wear comfortable clothes, leave your accessories at home, and last but not least be ready and open to new sensations of deep relaxation.