Life Coaching workshop 

The life coaching workshop is provided by Rosa Winkel, Relationship Coach of Relationships That Matter. This workshop is a group session that offers an open and supportive environment for sharing personal stories and experiences.  The workshop covers questions like:

How Do I gain Clarity on What To Do Next?

How Do I Love Myself Completely to create Individual Happiness and Independence?

How Do I Find the Right Partner?

We do this by using practical exercises that provide you with actionable tools for accomplishing your goals, and creative assignments that allow expression of your innermost struggles and desires.

The workshop is offered every Friday from 14:00 – 15:15

About Rosa

Rosa is passionate about guiding you towards making your dream life a reality. Rosa discovered

that the key to manifesting fulfilling lifestyles and relationships is to deepen one’s connection

with self and this is the foundation of the coaching methods she uses today.

Rosa is a certified NLP practitioner, with an extensive background in working with a variety

psychological methods and theories. She attended Arthur Findlay College to further develop

her sixth sense- a gift that enables her to perceive beyond what is directly presented and reach

the source of what is preventing people from achieving their goals.

Rosa has mentored and coached hundreds of people around the world to reveal and nurture

their true selves, which allowed them to discover their passion, embrace their unique power

and obtain the lives they’ve always dreamed of.

Life Coaching workshop