samadi impact night

MOVIE NIGHT : January 08th, 2020

COMMUNITY TALK : January 15th, 2020

Location: Samadi Bali Canggu

Time: 19:30 – FINISH


Movie Night – Wednesday, 8th January 2020 

With : Philip Gjedsted

Is this the way to Heaven?


Not a film, a collection of short, sharp simple insights and interviews giving  insights into the destination of these ‘Masters’ (beyond teachers) “paths”.

Delicious food for thought!

Who knows what you will experience!

Philip Gjedsted worked his way up from the depths of an abattoirs to Creative Director in some of Australia’s leading Advertising agencies. Along the way ,on a parallel path, he had the honour and  rare privilege, since 1970, of having close relationships with several authentic Masters in a quest to know, understand  and experience pure consciousness free of dogma and limiting beliefs. Although collating material for a book he is delighted to share some of this material  with you.


Community Talk – Wednesday, 15th January 2020

With : Scott Bauer

Meditation not Medication:

Ashtanga yoga, pranayama, meditation & ayurveda for addiction.

This talk and interactive discussion will focus on using the tools of yoga philosophy, meditation and ayurveda for self-investigation. It is thru self-investigation that one begins the processes of selfcare.  In our modern society we have been conditioned to reach outside of ourselves to change or distract us from ourdis-ease, our discontent and to fill our needs.

This conditioning in many cases has planted the seeds of addiction which can manifest in harmful self-medicating or mindless choices that lead to further discontent.  The result of this is the spinning of the wheel of “Samsara” which is also known as the wheel of deluded existence.  We will discuss the klesha of “avidya” and how we can through the great lineage philosophies of Asia find harmony  & peace without medicating or distracting ourselves by making  untenable choices. 

Scott Bauer is a current resident of Ubud, Bali and the founder of Usadabali ( & Pranabali

(  .  He is a practitioner of Ashtanga Yoga,

Balinese Bhakti, and Mahayana Buddhist philosophy.  His Café ‘Dapur Usada’ follows ayurvedic principles using plant based Indonesian Resources.

Scott himself a recovering heroin addict uses his experiences to mentor and coach others who are suffering so they too may “escape from the realms of the hungry ghost”.

Originally from New York he has resided in Ubud for 7 years while deeply immersing himself into Balinese culture.  As well he is an active participant in both the Ubud Buddhist study group and Narcotics Anonymous in Indonesia.  The only way ‘out’ is ‘in’ !

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