free movie night


Location: Samadi Bali Canggu

Time: 19:15 – Finish

Price: Free

Long Sa’an

Wednesday, 7th August (19.30 – finish)

David Metcalf, is an indigenous preservation activist, international travel photographer and is a native New Zealander who has lived in Indonesia for 11 years. An activist for most of his adult life David has produced his own documentary ‘Long Sa’an’ – The Journey Back’ which focuses on the Dayak community of West Kalimantan, Borneo.

‘Long Sa’an’ is a celebration of indigenous cultures love and connection with the land. A personal journey about Philius the Dayak man from the Omah Long tribe as he makes his way back home to the original forests where he grew up to pay his respects to his mother who died when he was young and visit the burial grounds of his ancestors.

Movie with Dinner at 6 pm 75 K

Movie ticket 30 K

*To reserve your spot for dinner, please email to:

Life is Art

Wednesday, 21st August  (19.30 – finish)

Oksana Sokol completed her film studies at the Moscow Film Institute VKSR in 1995 and has been working in the Australian film industry as a Script Supervisor for the last 2 decades. Creating films is where her interest are as she continues to explore and experiment within the documentary genre particularly passionate about breaking visual boundaries to create richer and more meaningful stories.

Life is Art explores art as a way of life, an homage to the life and creative principles of one of Russia’s most extraordinary contemporary artists, Anatol Brusilovsky. Even when the human soul is bound by the Russian regime it finds a way to transcend boundaries through the creation of art and connect the lives of those that view it.

Movie with Dinner at 6 pm 75 K – Enjoy vegetarian/ vegan dish before the movie time at Samadi Restaurant.

Movie ticket 30 K – Take your spot to watch the movie at the sacred Matahari Shala.

*To reserve your spot for dinner, please email to: