Build your body confidence with the healing power of SELF-LOVE

Date: Saturday, 29th February 2020

Time: 12.30 – 15:30

Price: 300K IDR

With : Lola Malaika

In this unique workshop, you will be introduced to the essential Self-Love practices and learn how to love your body, heal your body, nourish your body, and be proud of your body, whatever the context.

Your body is your Home. Can you feel at home in your body?

In this transformative and healing workshop, you will learn:

1) reconnect to & become proud of your physical self with the practices of Somatic Awareness and Somatic Confidence

2) to feel home in a safety of your own embrace with the magic practice of Self-hug

3) to let go of your habitual self-judgment, sense of lack, resentment, and guilt with Buddhist  meditation

4) to explore your inner and outer space, come down, soften, and let go of defenses with Yin/Restorative poses and soothing breathwork

5) open your heart to the experience of truth, vulnerability and joy with healing touch and mindful movement

For more info please reach out to us or Tel & WhatsApp +62 (0)812 3831 2505