The Art of Self-Love

Awakening Atma-Prema, or Unconditional Self-Love With Movement, Touch, And Play.

Date: Saturday, 16th November 2019

Location: Samadi Bali Canggu

Time: 12.30 – 15:00

Price: 250K

With : Lola Malaika

Allow yourself to feel home in the safety of your own embrace. Let go of your habitual self-judgment, sense of lack, resentment, and embarrassment. Explore your inner and outer space. Open yourself to the experience of moving with pleasure, breathing with joy, being vulnerable and simultaneously invincible. Play, experiment, and nourish your body and heart with mysterious tenderness touch of a stranger. Establish a deeper and more meaningful connection to every single cell you consist of, every thought that comes across your mind, every emotion that tortures your heart. Love and celebrate yourself. Unconditionally.

In this experiential workshop, you will dive into the exploration of what self-love means to you. You will be introduced to ancient and contemporary techniques that emphasize healing and cathartic potential of movement, touch, and play: Japanese Butoh, Israeli Gaga Movement Language, Play Therapy, Restorative Yoga and Soothing Breath. We will experiment with active body scan,  slow-paced conscious movement, hands-on technique, spinal waves, isolative motion, walking with closed eyes, pelvic spirals, and finally relax with gentle breathing, massage and meditation.

All the aforementioned techniques provide a concentrated sensorimotor experience, which helps to enlarge the spectrum of movements, overcome habitual repetitive patterns, and integrate physicality and emotions. Through intuitive movement and breath that feel good, soothing touch that heals the wounds of the heart, and joyful play that liberates the spirit, we create safe conditions for a deep emotional “cleansing”, and release psychosomatic tension in a gentle, fluid and non-aggressive manner. We awaken what is neglected and atrophied, love and nurture ourselves and restore a natural inner harmony.

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