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If you found this page you probably realized that long term health is not created by quick fixes.

With the Eastern approach to holistic health combined with the western solution oriented mindset Ming herbs puts together a range of highest quality herbs into potent formulas to solve the problem of health issues of today.

Even if we have herbal formulas for sale, the main purpose with Ming Herbs existence is to spread knowledge and support real long term health.

Knowing how it is the acidity/alkalinity of the human body, which is the basis of disease and health, and not the pathogens per se, you can combine the herbs to a herbal detox and support program just for you with Ming’s wide range of herbal formulas.

Lower Dan Tian is Weakened

So your core is actually this lower dan tian. It’s translated into as Lower Burner, literally.

So the energy burns upward, supporting your whole body.

It translates to: when your lower dan tian is weak, your lower back is also weak, or your lower back may be in pain.

And it’s connected from your hip downward.

So sometimes, weak legs, weak knees and ankles – anything that has anything to do with your legs and your hip – any weakness in this part is connected to your kidney Qi being weak.


Immune System is Weakened

And then it’s connected to your immune system. How it goes is that your kidneys’ energy supports your bone marrow. And your bone marrow is the thing that makes the blood, makes the immune cells. Well, that’s one aspect of the immune system because we also make all the T-cells from our thymus.

Usually, chronic adrenal issues lead to some level of blood deficiency. Because once your bone marrow becomes weak. It’s unable to make all the platelets and then the white blood cells and all this stuff. You know, then, eventually, your blood becomes weak. You’re stepping into the realm of anemia. Of course, without saying, your energy level is low all the time.


Circadian Rhythm is Off-balance

And then it causes your circadian rhythm to be off-balance. Usually, we would wake up in the morning feeling energized, and then we go about our day, and then in the evening or like in the late afternoon into the evening where we feel more relaxed and start to slow down, and then we go into the sleep state.

But then, when your adrenal and kidneys cannot regulate this process, people usually wake up feeling tired, and then after lunch, they feel exhausted. And then in the evening time, they feel hyper, so they cannot go into a good deep sleep.


Fertility & Lovemaking

So, and then, the other aspect that is very important in connection with the kidneys is in our fertility. This is one of the main causes of when women’s sexual system starts to dry out. Like it’s not as “juicy and plump” as it used to be. And then for men to lose their erectile strength. All of these things are connected to your kidneys.

So in terms of fertility, it’s the ability to make babies and all this stuff, or even to have proper lovemaking, you need to have strong kidneys and adrenals.


The Takeaway:

So, this part of it is so important in terms of how it supports your whole body in many, many functions that it is worth your effort to put into it to rebuild it. Because without rebuilding your inner strength, it’s very difficult to improve many other things in your body.

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