Learn how to make your own delicious Jamu

Date: SUNDAY, 5th SEPTEMBER 2021

Location: Samadi Bali Canggu

Time: 14.00 – 17:00

Price:  IDR 500K

With : MADE AYU ARYANI (@rumah.reina)

We have established our small Balinese and Javanese family business since 2012 in Solo, Central Java, Indonesia. We are a passionate handcrafted jamu who concern at preserving local wisdom of Indonesian Jamu & Herbs.

We started our business to build Reina Cafe. Reina Cafe was a jamu cafe which promoted herbal drinking tradition in the urban society. Our cafe was best known for its tasty and nutritious herbal drink. It was also suitable as a place for gathering with family and hanging out with friends time.
Reina Cafe opened on 9 April 2012 in Solo. Reina’s name was taken from the names of family members who made it: Retno (mother), Indra (son), and Ayu (daughter). They concern about healthy life and treatment by traditional recipes from ancestor. Reina represents regeneration of jamu. They innovate the herbal drink to suit to three generations: elders, youngsters, and kids.

Reina also educate people to make jamu, herbal tea, lulur Jawa, boreh Bali in their program, Jamu Class. Beside that, Reina has Jamu Trip, Holistic Counseling, Holitic Healing Coaching & Retreat.

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